Round 6 – English Premier League

Looked for a new theme with a nice banner to add the Moose to and couldn’t find one I liked.  I’ve settled for the simple layout you see before you.

9/19/2015 Chelsea 2 1 Arsenal
9/19/2015 Aston Villa 1 1 West Brom
9/19/2015 Bournemouth 2 1 Sunderland
9/19/2015 Newcastle 1 1 Watford
9/19/2015 Stoke 0 1 Leicester
9/19/2015 Swansea 1 2 Everton
9/19/2015 Manchester City 3 1 West Ham
9/20/2015 Tottenham 2 1 Crystal Palace
9/20/2015 Liverpool 2 0 Norwich
9/20/2015 Southampton 1 0 Manchester United

No commentary today.  I might do a post game update but at least I got my picks in.

6 Replies to “Round 6 – English Premier League”

  1. Another miserable day of predictions. You should always bet on the Hornets and bet against Liverpool as long as clueless Rodgers is there. 29m Firmino can’t make a team (in Rodgers’ book) that is struggling to score a goal. Worse “manager” in the EPL!

    1. Thanks for the confidence boost. Your comments are as inspiring as a BR half time team talk! It’s taking a while for the trends to take shape… while I didn’t pick Watford for the win the I did pick them for a draw which is more than most but I don’t get any credit for that.

  2. Now that BR is gone you may have to stop harbouring thoughts of the Hornets coming to Anfield and win. To be honest I was worried about having to put up with you in the aftermath of the then expected result but I’m a lot more confident now Klopp’s in charge.

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