Round 05 2017/18 – Premier League Picks

OIt’s only week five and already we’ve hit on what I will call the stupid schedule.. games played on a seemingly random schedule. Speaking of random, here are this weeks mix of numbers.

Random Number Generator

I don’t have a theme this week and I’m a but tired after the stressful couple of weeks so just a bog-standard summary this week.

Bournemouth vs Brighton & Hove Albion
This game is an easy pick. It’s a 2-1 pick all day long every day – especially every day after the game has been played.  A number of us already got a jump on the leader board though with the popular pick.

Chelsea vs Arsenal
Almost a unanimous decision provided here.  It’s hard to know if that’s respect for Chelsea or disrespect for the flat track bully that is Arsenal.  I’m tempted to pick an upset here as one of the key factors cited in Chelsea’s advantage is that Gary Cahill is fit.  Well,he’s in the Top 5 overrated players in English football – slow, not poised, and looks uncomfortable on the ball.

More Comfortable on the Ball than Cahill

Will be a strange atmosphere due to the increased police presence after the Parsons Green tube.

Crystal Palace vs Southampton
Woy’s Boys are back.  If he can accomplish with Palace what he did with England, we should expect Palace to finish in the top half of the table knowing they will fail to live up to their potential. I dub their new manager  “Welegation Woy”.

Huddersfield Town vs Leicester City
It’s hard to know what Leicester is this year – almost beat Arsenal (doesn’t prove much), beat Brighton (doesn’t prove they’re good) and lost to United and Chelsea (doesn’t prove they’re bad).  I suppose an away win at Huddersfield who are seemingly tough to break down might go some way to convince us they deserve more their current position.  The current news is whether Silva is a Leicester player or not having filed the final paperwork 14 seconds late – Sporting Lisbon want their cash either way.  You could argue with FIFA over what 14 seconds could mean but quite a lot can happen in that amount of time:

Liverpool vs Burnley
It’s hard to know what Liverpool is this year – almost beat Watford (doesn’t prove much), beat Arsenal and Cwystal Palace (doesn’t prove they’re good) and lost to Citeh and Chelsea (doesn’t prove they’re bad).  I read that Pre-Karius will be in goal because nothing is better behind a weak defense than a weak goalkeeper.  Klopp going for the gung-ho style of football.

Manchester United vs Everton
First time I’ve ever rooted for Rooney to score at the Old Toilet.  Will be the first time I’m disappointed that he hasn’t.

Newcastle United vs Stoke City
Newcastle fans always think they’re bigger than they are and a couple of wins later they actually believe they are.  Wrong on both counts.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Swansea City
Spuds “will hope Hurri-Kane can blast in another couple of goals”  [that joke from BE].  Swansea sounded like a Spuds midfielder last week (Dier) so Spurs should manage another win at “home”.

Watford vs Manchester City
Unanimous this one. Watford lose. Citeh win.  No arguments here.

West Bromwich Albion vs West Ham United
The boing-boings disappointed last week and West Ham grabbed a win.  Anything might happen but it will be so much more fun if Bilic gets fired.

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