Round 4 – English Premier League

Newcastle looked promising but have yet to win. Arsenal are as inconsistent as you can be in three games L-W-D which is particularly surprising as most of the Summer talk has been about how Arsene has not changed the team formation or look.  Arsenal still have quality in all positions and it’s probably about time that the Ox gets let loose again.  Arsenal will dominate one half and score 2 Newcastle will take over the other half and keep it interesting.

Aston Villa have been better than their record and Sunderland are a rather poor looking outfit and I expect their bad run of form to continue because if I know one thing, it’s that Tactics Time can even coach a team to victory against a team that is giving up.  Poor old Mr Advocaat should have retired.

Who’s the more effective coach this year?



8/29/2015 Newcastle 1 2 Arsenal
8/29/2015 Aston Villa 1 0 Sunderland
8/29/2015 Bournemouth 2 2 Leicester
8/29/2015 Chelsea 3 1 Crystal Palace
8/29/2015 Liverpool 2 0 West Ham
8/29/2015 Manchester City 2 0 Watford
8/29/2015 Stoke 1 0 West Brom
8/29/2015 Tottenham 2 1 Everton
8/30/2015 Southampton 1 1 Norwich
8/30/2015 Swansea 2 1 Manchester United

Bournemouth have kicked off well and are putting in goals.  The Walkers Crisps outfit have also been over-achieving (according to me) under the crazy coach so it should be a thriller and what small crowd can fit in that teensy stadium should be all excited.

It appears that Chelsea have been playing with 10 men to make the games more even.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Great One has threatened anyone who gets sent off with being sent into exile at the New York team to play with Fat Frank.  Sure, it’s a London derby and anything can happen but when one side is Chelsea and one is Crystal Palace it’s too one side for the rivalry to make a difference.  Costa gets sent off.

Liverpool will keep another clean sheet through a great defensive display.  The back four and Mignolet will keep everything tight and in control while West Ham waste all of their chances through ineptitude up front.  Sakho will not hit the netto.  I think Jordan Henderson the captain is out injured but I doubt that will hurt Liverpool much.  I was told to write down Firminho’s name so here we are and I’m going to write it down.  Firminho.  I hope he scores or something or it’s going to feel like a waste of time !

Manchester City are top of the table.  Even Quique Flores says Aguero is the best striker in the league so what hope do we have?   Sterling looks upbeat and better than Milner who at Liverpool is, ironically, probably better than Sterling.  Sami “whyamisounderappreciated” Nasri will come on and score to prove some point about being i the team late on after YaYa proves that this year he’s back on form by slotting in Aguero who thumps the ball so hard the ball threatens to break the net.

Here’s Quique – is is just me that thinks he looks like the love child of House and Clint Dempsey.

If House and Clint Dempsey had a Love child


And now the quick finish.

Stoke will win because they are playing West Brom who have a striker that basically doesn’t want to be there.

Tottenham finally manage to win a game they should win and Martinez gets to again be in “next fired coach” discussions alongside the eggy dutch drink mentioned previously.  Southampton have lost something from last year (mostly players) and they will do well enough against the Canaries who don’t look too bad.

Man United are coming off a hattrick and I’m convinced that he’s one who uses up his goal count on unneeded goals.  Sure, he scored in the week but he should have saved one for the Swansea match.  Swansea are a decent team and the young manager has them playing well.  It’s nice to see the Reds lose.

Go Moose

Moose!! Moose!!

Off to look for a new theme…and start the migration project.


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