Round 37 Midweek

I didn’t get the family picks in early enough last week but the results are tallied.

Mum 5 correct 7 pts
Dad 3 correct, 1 perfect 5 pts
Me and Brohter 3 obvious correct picks and the rest wrong 3 pts

My predictions have gone the way of the Hornets in the 2nd half, the way of Spurs in the run-in, the way of Arsenal every time they need a result.  You get the drift.  It’s been like a winter sport…. all downhill.

With only 2 weeks left I need to make a serious improvement before I tweak my method for next year.

West Ham vs Manchester United 2-0
Norwich vs Watford 2-1
Sunderland vs Everton 1-1
Liverpool vs Chelsea 3-1

Some illogical choices this week.  The Hammers got hammered at weekend ruining their hopes of Champions League.  If I know one thing, Bilic is going to convince his team to ruin the year for Trafford United.  If I know one other thing it’s that LVG doesn’t know how to press.

Norwich must win their final 2 games to have a chance of avoiding relegation.  Watford want the last game of the year to be exciting!  Me? I say put your 10 quid on Norwich for the title 2016-2017.

Just watched inteview with Klopp. I like him and hate Chelski.

Some of these are going to Europe next year- and not just for holidays (except Pellegini who is going to go there to live for a whlie).  It all starts here for Manchester

Europe Here I come!

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    1. You’re just being nice because I put a good word in with Quique and told him that as he was leaving anyway he should let the Reds win. He agreed and thought it would be amusing send off. He told me that he’d let Norwich win too! Now that it’s official I think he’s going to make the team win this weekend. 🙂

      You should pick next year, show me how easy it is !

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