Round 36 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks (Round 35 Results)

This week’s post comes after West Ham took on their rivals and ended their season.  Chelsea are too far ahead and the last few games are about fighting to stay out of the bottom three.   This is much like our leaderboard with JE too far ahead to catch and the rest of us playing for the right not to be last (and it’s VERY close at the bottom – but ME and BE have been copying each other).  The end of season summary will prove to be quite interesting.

Last week I won again!  But unfortunately it was a very low scoring week and no gap was really closed.  The winner this week had a meager 8 points!  The average points for all is generally above 9!

The table below includes LJ but he didn’t make any picks that I added in (he did make 4) but it’s nice to see him last.

Too Little Too Late

This week we’ve got all the picks in!  Just kidding… JE is late and SuperComputer 4 has ended up in a little bit of a loop that might need debugging…. either that or turning off-and-on.


Arsenal V Man Utd

Arsenal need to win to have any hope of finishing in the top-4 (and will need the Hornets to help them out against Citeh later in the year.  The Trafford boys might have an easier route to Champions League through Europa cup and could be fielding a second-string.   If their neighbours in Manchester choke it up against Palace will Jose change and field a stronger team?  A defeat here concedes a top-four finish.

I expect Citeh to win, Arsenal to scrap out a victory against a Rooney led United with Mr Danny Welbeck punching in a winner, and finally Celta Vigo to pull off an incredible upset midweek and make Jose look like a fool.  Or that’s what LJ hopes, anyway.

Bournemouth V Stoke

It’s hard to know what to expect from teams no longer fighting for any real reason.  Finishing ahead of Watford isn’t exactly a goal at the beginning of the season but it’s about all that’s left fighting for.

Burnley V West Brom

Burnley have a great record at Turf Moore and the Boing-Boings are trying to go against the grain and finish below Watford … but at some point a run of losing by lone goals and bad luck will come to an end (and the Hornets aren’t going to get 4 points from anywhere).

Chelsea V Middlesbrough

The Champions are playing against a team that has a remote chance of staying up.  I don’t think a single bookie, single prognosticator, single fan (even in the North East), thinks that they have a chance.  It would be nice for them to pick off the Champions and for the Hornets to finish the job in a couple of weeks.  Not going to happen.  Either of them.

Hull V Sunderland

Sunderland are down and Moyes should be fired.  He put his team in the relegation zone from the first week.  Compare this to Hull who have no right to stay up and brought in a manager (on a temporary basis!) who has done nothing made them win at home.  Hull will probably win and make it impossible for Boro and force Swansea to get a result.

Leicester V Watford

Watford aren’t mathematically safe but are playing like they are.  Leicester are safe (superior g.d) but are playing like they aren’t.  Watford will enjoy sitting on 40 points for the rest of the year unless they catch Chelsea drunk after actually ensuring victory.

Liverpool V Southampton

Victory will see the Reds consolidating the most disappointing 3rd place ever.  Not sure who or why anyone was expecting much more than that – it’s been a LONG time since Liverpool ruled the league.

Man City V Crystal Palace

Palace aren’t safe but are playing like they are.  Man City are safe but playing like they shouldn’t be.  This will change and Citeh will get three points.Jose knows Watford will hand Citeh 3 points at the end of the season as well and will focus on Celta Vigo – hope they (don’t) play along.

Swansea V Everton

Swansea have to win to keep up with Hull.  They won’t.

West Ham V Tottenham

I think we all know what happened here (Spoiler Alert: I told you earlier). I always had a sneaky feeling that West Ham would screw things up for the Spuds.  Maintaining that kind of winning streak is tough.  Idiots.

Oh, in case you think I forgot the obligatory JE picture here it is:

The Late Picture is Late!

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    1. It’s harder when you have to justify your picks – unless it’s Watford playing a good team, then you just say Watford’s playing a good team…. (Or Man U will draw or maybe win)

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