Round 35 -Results

I am fairly confident that I had posted the results to this week but looking through my site I see no such evidence so I assume I must have had a dream where I could actually manage to keep up with all the games.


This was a train wreck of a week. Supercomputer 1 managed to correctly identify one result which not much worse than my attempt to get more than 2 results. I’ll have to look at records but I am fairly confident that this is a weekly total aggregate low score record. The Watford game accounted for roughly over one-third of the total points!

Horrible Performances!

Weekly Comments

AA: “Probably shouldn’t change, but I will. To be fair, I have no idea what I picked last time.”
I won’t score your old picks so you’ll never know how well you would have done!

AM: “First time in a while I’ve been back through my selections and changed nothing. This surely means BIG points this week!?  :-)”
Not big points but you’re sitting on top of the pile this week

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