Round 35 -Premier League Picks

Well the bug in the Supercomputer appears to be fixed.  It was flipping the odd away game to 2-1 (when it was Spurs) but it seems to have gone back to the usual algorithm.

Which Manchester City will show up this week?  The team that can’t beat Newcastle or the team that can put Laurent Blanc out of work in the summer?  There is a chance that Manchester City could drop to fifth if they don’t fend off a chase from their Trafford neighbours (busy with the cup this week).  This could mean no Champions League if they don’t win… and then will Pep still come?   This game is fighting for Pep so they will handle Stoke who will look to improve on their weekend thrashing.

Villa have a weight lifted off their shoulders now that they are officially relegated according to Lescott which I guess means.. at least we know we’re totally crap now. I should expect to see real free flowing football and Southampton ripped to shreds as Aston Villa now fleet footed float across the field effortlessly can play the football their fans seem to think they deserver.. but I still pick the Saints.

Bournemouth and Chelsea is a big who-knows.  Neither are playing for much.  The Cherries have some players back and are looking to impress.  Chelsea are trying to prove to their new boss they’re not all over the hill.  The desire for big money at Chelsea wins out over fan appreciation.

Liverpool are terribly inconsistent and flutter between awful and awesome. I hope they are awful against Watford again in a few weeks so this week they will be awesome.  Sturridge to score 51,52,53.  His pace is ahead of Suarez and that’s impressive – probably more so because he was actually fit when Suarez was there stealing his goals.

Sunderland need to win.  Arsenal actually won in the week and looked good apparently.  Needing to stay in the top 4 to ensure that Arsene Wenger can be talked about in negative terms but still retain his job will be enough motivation.

Leicester without Vardy should be good enough against a Swansea team that usually press forward; however, they will be lacking that pace up front and will need to play proper football without the hoof up the middle. Many of the team will be playing for a old new manager next year so will be looking to impress.  A tense and boring game yields a draw and a potential six point lead until…

Spuds on the verge of a loss score 2 goals in the last 5 minutes to pull it back to three.

Spouse Me Super Computer
Manchester City vs Stoke City 1-0 2-0 2-1
Aston Villa vs Southampton 0-2 0-2 2-1
Bournemouth  vs Chelsea 2-2 1-2 2-1
Liverpool  vs Newcastle 2-1 3-1 2-1
Sunderland vs Arsenal 1-2 1-2 2-1
Leicester vs Swansea 1-1 1-1 2-1
Tottenham Hotspur vs West Brom 3-0 2-1 2-1

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