Round 33 – Premier League Picks

Have had a rather busy couple of weeks so am behind.This week I’m in lovely snowy, freezing Montreal without true internet access but dedication to the craft of picking means that the picks are still in.

Below are the picks: Mine first, followed by the better half. Picked Independently, of course.

West Ham v Arsenal 1-2 (Alleged Closet Arsenal fan) 2-1 (Not a Closet Arsenal fan)
Aston Villa v Bournemouth 0-1 0-3 (No one picks Villa to win, no one)
Crystal Palace v Norwich 2-0 1-1
Southampton v Newcastle 2-0 2-0
Swansea v Chelsea 0-1 0-2
Watford v Everton 1-1 1-0 (Watford fan in training)
Man City v West Brom 3-1 (Joe Hart o.g.) 2-0 (Always a Citeh fan)

Sunderland v Leicester 0-1 (Their favourite score so why not pick it?) 0-2
Liverpool v Stoke 1-0 (Though I do fancy Stoke) 1-1
Tottenham v Man Utd 2-1 (Still not enough) 3-0 (Always a Citeh fan)

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