Round 33 and 34 Picks and Results

Fast and furious and unable to keep up. Week 33 seems so long ago because it’s been about a week which is an awful long time in Coronavirus Premier League time.

What Round is It?

This week Mark Lawrenson had his best week of the year. Unfortunately for everyone involved, this a week that BB and LJ decided to default their picks to the pro.

Great week for Mark

More picks and more results and more things to post

Seriously, What Week Is It?

I could say that I spent ages picking results this week but are you kidding? No chance. I do think that AM is going to be disappointed at a 10 point differential on the week!

Phew … Am I caught up?

Weekly Comments x 2

ME: “We all hope Watford will stay up and I expect this will be a hard fought 3 points..fingers crossed!”

BE: “Must win for Watford! And for IOTJ…”

JE: “Cmon moosemen!!!”

Look at that. A little love and they pull out a victory


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