Round 33 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks and Results from Round 32

Everyone did fairly well last week and it finally saw BE moving to the top (from the bottom).  Is this the end of the steep decline since the beginning of the year?  Once again ME failed to copy the right results and ended up last… but at least his Spuds are still hot and in with a shot.


Waiting for….

Or Until He Gets To It

Turns out that SuperComputer 4 has decided that this week it’s not going to participate until JE shows up.


At this point I think it’s fair to say that Chelsea have won the league and JE has won the picks league.  It is possible that they could be overhauled but time is short and the gap is not small.  So it is with disappointment that I make my picks this week in the style of the Hornets… just enough effort to be passable…. and a little bit more enthusiasm than shown by Arsenal.

Crystal Palace V Leicester

Palace have won a few games and separated from the bottom. I would give the nod to the foxes but this game straddles Champions League games and Shakespeare will be focusing on that challenge.  It seems that the Foxes turned the corner and started to enjoy playing again just in time this season: “”Things won are done; joy’s soul lies in the doing.”

Everton V Burnley

Burnley do not win away.  Everton have just won their thousandth straight at home with 3 or 4 goals.  I’m no longer picking 1-1 as that strategy has miserably failed.

Man Utd V Chelsea

Chelsea don’t need to win.  Manchester United should try to win (maybe they actually are?).  I expect Benjamin Button to score a goal and everyone to be reasonable happy with a score draw.

Middlesbrough V Arsenal

A bad team against a team that is doing badly.  All things point to a desert’s worth of shifting sands in the summer but for this one week players will to expend a little more energy and walk away with a win…. blame the manager.

Southampton V Man City

Southampton are safe and Pep needs to ensure that top 4 finish.

Stoke V Hull

Stoke have been disappointing but Hull don’t win away.

Sunderland V West Ham

Many are picking the Moyes Boys team in this game but even if they were giving a 2 goal start it’s hard to see theme winning anything.

Tottenham V Bournemouth

Spurs whacked the Hornets last week and the quality of opposition isn’t much different this week (except they may score).

Watford V Swansea

The Hornets are safe. That’s all that matters.

West Brom V Liverpool

Soon LJ will pick with his team and not against his team! The Baggies will never be short of commitment.

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