Round 32 Results

Hopefully everyone is keeping up with the picks

The Guesses

This is one of those weeks where no one really knocked out a great score, with BE scoring a solid victory, and AM and ME fought it out for last place.

Congratulations BE!

The wheels seem to be falling of the Watford season but the season is a nonsensical mess. Chelsea look like a great team until they lose to West Ham. Sheffield United look like the wheels are falling off and then beat Spuds 3-1. I expect this coming week Manchester United will somehow lose a game they should win after a few back to back trouncings.

Mourinho was on top form but who can blame him:

‘I used to disagree with decisions, I used to complain, I used to go to the fourth official. But the man on the pitch is not it w the assistant referee and the man and, today, the lady with the flags they used to be the assistant referees. Now they are the assistants of the assistant referee. The referee is in the office.”

I actually agree with him wholeheartedly and doubt he would be fined but then he adde:

“And especially when a referee that is not very good on the pitch, we cannot expect that he’s very good in the office.”

Slam on MIchael Oliver – the most overrated referee in the business and making decisions from London. There is some argument that the decision was correct based on the laws of the game but I can stand the implementation of VAR….adding it to matches that have the intensity of training and I’m struggling to care.

Real Premier League Action!

With games coming think and fast sometimes it feels like a blur and if you bring or write a post you might miss something.

The Personification of Fixtures

The only thing left before the weekly comments is to talk about Liverpool. I think it’s fair to say at this point that they’re not the best team to ever win the league. Two losses at 3-0 and 4-0. Champions League exit to Atletico and no appearance in the QF of the F.A. Cup.

They are Champions and that cannot be denied… but the best ever? No. Even the excitement you might expect is gone – just seems to be an emotionally void in the Premier League.

Anfield in Full Celebration Mode

Weekly Comments

AA: “A I may be late or this may be a do-over. I don’t know anything anymore. :)”
The games are awful and seem pointless and no one seems to know what to pick or when to pick.

JE: “villa already played wolves right? I would have guessed 1-2 but think it was 0-1? Just spoke to mum and dad who reminded me to do the scores. No idea if there have been games today.”
The games are awful and seem pointless and no one seems to know what to pick or when to pick.

ME: “Liverpool have done it. However, I don’t think they will beat Citeh… not sure they will lose either! I can’t say I like the way the chosen one Is setting up Spurs.. hope it will be good enough to win though. “
The games are awful and seem pointless and no one seems to know what to pick or when to pick. Oh wait… that doesn’t apply…

You like the way the chosen one is setting up Spurs ?! Hows the COVID-19 bar looking these days ?

KMFE: “Already bored with Liverpool ;-)”
Isn’t everyone outside of Liverpool bored with them?

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