Round 31 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks

Not all the picks are in (surprise surprise) so a quick run-down tonight with last weeks results to follow soon.  Here’s a clue – I’m not eager to post the results because I scored less than half the points of most people as I found myself exactless.  I do feel I should get some credit for getting the Arsenal-Citeh game correct.

This week’s rapid sequence of games shows how the league is like West Brom’s penalty area was this week – lots of congestion.

Now that the bad joke of the week is out of the way it’s time for what’s next.

Lots of Matches


I didn’t say there wouldn’t be more bad jokes.

Arsenal V West Ham

Arsenal were (not) magnificent this week and got a well (not) deserved draw against a (not) stellar defense in Citeh.  The win puts them (not) firmly in contention of a Champions League spot and their future is (not) secured with Sanchez and Ozil (not) destined to stay and Wenger (not) committed to a long term deal.   West Ham are playing away from home which is an advantage for them but they lack the effort, desire and skill that Arsenal do (not) exude every time they step on the field so it won’t be enough. Arsenal to (not) win easily.

Burnley V Stoke

Burnley take all their points at home.  Stoke are struggling.  Turf Moor will (not) be in for a sure treat this week as two of the (not) best teams playing (not) the best football in the Premier League fight it out.

Hull V Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough are like an excited artist trying not get relegated (hoping to draw a lot! -the bad jokes keep coming).  Hull are in the bottom 3 and looking like they’re in trouble.   Boro are below them in the table which puts them in more trouble.  A home win will mean Hull ends up like a Bee Gee (Staying Alive! – except they didn’t did they?)… and they will sneak it.

Leicester V Sunderland

The Foxes are back with Mr Shakespeare at the helm.  Sunderland are doomed and Moyes won’t even be able to slap his way out of it.

Swansea V Tottenham

Spuds will go all the way to Wales to win.

Watford V West Brom

Watford totally outplayed the Boing-Boings away at the Hawthornes and lost.  I do not expect the Hornets to completely outplay the Bromwich this time out but we’re in the top half of the table so it’s not too much to expect two goals is it?  So there… Watford will get two goals.  That should get them a tie, surely.

Man Utd V Everton

I don’t know why Mourinho was complaining about the level of effort that Luke Shaw shows in practice because it can’t be less than what Pogba shows during games.  I put some faith in the Toffees against their mortal enemies and they let me down.  They probably will this week too.

Here’s Luke Shaw talking about practice in response to Mourinho:

Chelsea V Man City

Chelsea are top of the table but the gap closed a little this week when they got tripped up by Palace and Spuds won.   Citeh failed to take advantage and so this game takes on even more significance as Citeh maintain some hope of a title challenge… they will not win and the hope dies.

Southampton V Crystal Palace

Palace are almost safe.   This will not be the week that they get safe.

Liverpool V Bournemouth

Liverpool will not flop with klopp and the kop… that’s the word with a Cherry on top.

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