Round 30 – English Premier League

Last week was the worst picking week I’ve ever had and by virtue of my Nephew being lights out it was over before I went to sleep on Sunday.  Not sure how you select a 4-0 score correctly  but that was just one of the three perfect picks on the day.  It’s hard to say that his Manchester City pick alone beat me but it did.

Norwich 0 2 Manchester City
Bournemouth 2 0 Swansea
Stoke 2 0 Southampton
Aston Villa 1 3 Tottenham
Leicester 3 1 Newcastle

Manchester City are bringing it together a little and need to string a number of victories together to maintain a challenge.  Norwich are going to be relegated.  Enough said.

I’m no longer picking against Bournemouth and no longer thinking that Swansea are under-performing.

Who know which Southampton shows up? I just hope they bring an away strip  or it will make the game rather confusing.  Stoke win.

Aston Villa are relegated.  Spurs are vying for a title.  Enough said.

A dangerous game for Leicester? Will Newcastle show up with a new passion and zeal that leads them to an upset because they have a new manager? Probably not.
How long will Rafa last this time?  Hopefully a while because I think he aspired to one day manage in the Championship.

I’ll Set My Alarm for a Few Months

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