Round 30 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks and Round 29 Results

As Jimmy Greaves might say,”it’s a Funny Old Game” and that was proved last week when we had one guesser with a measly 4 points and another skilled analytical mind with a huge 20 points! Me? As usual,  I was middling around in the middle of nowhere.  I’m like the West Brom of pickers.

Leaders Week 29

This week’s picks are in except for LJ. Surprisingly, JE,basking in the glory of his victory is getting confident and picking games two days early and deliberately reliquishing his usual last-minute picking advantage .  Unfortunately, it appears that LJ forgot to make his picks (not sure why, perhaps because his performances of late are about on par with Sunderland).  Either that, or he’s working on Jamaica Time.

Sign From Jamaica

That’s a bit of a stereotype that perhaps I shouldn’t use but I think that everyone appreciates that in reality the only Jamaican time of significance is 9.58.

Anyway, on to the picks.


Liverpool v Everton 

Jordie boy is out. Lallana is out. Coutinho and Firmino were only rumored to be out but those injuries should cause Liverpool concern (except I don’t rate Jordan anyway).  Everton won’t have Schneiderlin, Funes Mori, McCarthy and others so perhaps it’s Liverpool’s to win.  Then again it’s a Derby so the game is up in the air.  Except Everton doesn’t win these games.  But they have Lukaku so … it can only end in a draw.

Talking of Lukaku, I’ve been told he’s a “specimen” which means he’s from a good gene pool.  I don’t know what that really means but here’s a picture that might help.

A Specimen

I’m not sure I understand it but I was told Idris Elba (not a footballer) maybe KMFE can provide insight.

Another Specimen

There is some physical similarity with the musculature,I suppose.  I’ve also read that Ronaldo has the best physique in football and that just confuses me.

Fat Ronaldo

Oh well, let’s get back to scores.

Chelshit v palace

I don’t see Palace really doing much now that they are bumping up against the safety fence.  Chelsea, on the other hand, just keep winning.  A soulless / goalless palace.

United road v baggies 

The boing boings or oingo bongos are just middling along.  Safe from relegation and safely avoiding Europa league.  The Trafford lads are looking to break into the top 4 but seem to be targetting the EL again.  For the same reason as Chelshit above, I predict a United win albeit it less convincing.  Of course, unconvincing isn’t so much a prediction when it comes to Man U as it is an expectation – getting that right will not make me the modern Nostradamus.

Leicester  Stoke
The corner is officially turned.  It turns out that every week the plan drawn up by Ranieri included a sheet where he wrote save your energy and don’t exert.  Now that Shakespeare is in place he rubbed that out and put “”Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie, Which we ascribe to Heaven.” and since then Jamie Vardy remembered what his job was (for club and country) and the Foxes have started running.  They’ll win but it will be close because they’re still old at the back.

Watford  sland
This is a critical game for Sunderland.  They need to get 4 or 5 wins to survive and this is, as much as it pains me, one of their best opportunities.  Meanwhile Watford have gone from being in no apparent danger to suddenly being relegation fodder. It’s a big like a swimmer in Jaws… minding their own business tread-watering before becoming shark food.  Watford have more 2-2 draws than any other result (stated confidently without looking or confirmation) so I expect 2-2 and a moral victory.  A point for the moose is better than a point for the black cats.   It will be 0-2 at the half and Harry Hornet will threaten the players into action.

Burnley  Tottenham 
Tough at home vs a Kane-less Spuds.  It will be close but the Spurs will sneak in at the near post and take a late victory at Turf Moor.

Hull West Ham
Hull are playing well at home (relatively speaking) and West Ham are acting like nothing really matters.  Good opportunity for Hull to get some points but they’ll only get one .

Saints  Bournemouth
Saints are punching above their weight.  The Cherries are punching above their weight.  That should mean the game is close but the Saints are  middle-weight and the Cherries are light-weight.

Swans  boro
Boro don’t try and score and would seem to be totally willing to go down.  They’ll be down 2 before they even realize they need to win. They’ll pull one back because Swansea like to concede (like the French army… ha ha… bad joke)

Arsenal  man shirty
I do not see Arsenal dropping any more games that they should win.   They shouldn’t win this one.   A draw seems fair.

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