Round 29 – Predicting the Bottom 3

Last week’s results are in and they aren’t as bad for me as I thought thanks to an exact I didn’t expect.  I got an email also from BE “my week was rubbish but I think ME did ok”…. err…. you beat him?

Another Weekly Table

Here are these weeks predictions as they stand right now:

Pending LJ

This Week’s Comments

AB: “What the Smeg?”
I did a search to find out if there was some Red Dwarf activity in the league but to no avail.  I did find out that it’s the name of a technology company (unfortunate choice).

JE: “Watford keep up on winning under my watch. I swear they would be fourth place in my predictions. The northerly bias continues. ”
You have them only 8th… but just a measly 43 points behind Man Yoo!  I have them 8th too which was surprising to me – but crazily, have West Brom mid-table!  I need to adjust my WBA picks and I will do that this week…. aw crap… they play the hornets.

ME: “Watford MUST not let me down this week…. I can’t keep the faith for much longer.”
You have them in 7th.. Europa League here we come!

ME: “Man Pretty v Chelski is the difficult one here…having watched Arsenal being demolished twice I can’t go against form, sorry Chelski.”
Not sure what Arsenal’s form has to do with Citeh vs Chelsea but I agree anyway…

Relegation Prediction

This week I did my relegation predictions here to see if the Hornets were in trouble.

Watford are Safe!

Looks like goals are going to matter.  Share your results if you go to the Hertfordshire newspaper and fill in the results.

That’s all I have today. This weekend I will post everyone’s table and all the head-to-heads so you can see who’s beating who.  This will be interesting for most people but probably not so much for LJ and LS’s “friend” who probably have a losing record.


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