Round 28 – Back to the Premier League

F.A. Cup is done so we’re back to the Premier League.
Man City is done so they’re back to the Premier League.

Oh – but first there’s this Milk Coca-Cola Carlsberg Capital One Sports-Drink Cup.

My prediction is that almost no-one cares who wins this match… but no-one seems to care less about games than Xhaka… and Kevin seems to want to win every game… so the result goes to Citeh. Let’s say 4-1..

We’re still waiting for LJ and JE but thanks to others.


This weeks Comments

AB: “Only 3 players have scored, assisted and also scored an own goal in single Premier League game:  Bale, Rooney, Davies.
Uniqueness amongst goalkeepers: Paul Robinson has scored, assisted and won a penalty in the Premier League.”

Bale is the only one to get a Yellow Card as well.  James Milner has never lost a game in which he scored (that’s 47 – make him take penalties)

AM: “Long since did I realise it was a risk predicting a positive result for MU v the top teams but one must remain loyal! GGMU”
It’s been a while since Sir Alex was running around owning the referees =)

ME: “Lots of teams fighting for points again…so I am going for low scores and draws! [censored comment on Man United”
Seems a reasonable approach.  Based on last week – you and I both need to try something!

KMFE:”I had to look online to find out what a Carabao was… The Thai energy drink is all well and good, but do winners get their own water buffalo, like Roger Federer got his own cow every time he played and won the Swiss Open?”
Farmer Fed?
I should have read this earlier so I knew what Carabao was.  I would say that of all the drinks that this cup has been I imagine this to be the worst.  I think the Milk Cup was the last liquid trophy I cared about.  Seems Google agrees.


This weeks Picks

It seems the more analysis I do the worst my results are so this week I’m keeping it super short and pithy.

Arsenal vs Manchester City
Hard to pick because they play in the cup.  No it’s not.  Citeh.

Bournemouth vs Newcastle United
Bournemouth on a down.  Newcastle on an up having beaten Manchester United.   Script flip week.

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Swansea City
Bottom dwellers play tough game.  Home advantage.

Burnley vs Southampton 
Burnley getting some defenders back.  Southampton inept up front.  Win to the team with the strangest badge in the league (it has a goose with an egg on its foot!)

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur
Crap team with Zaha.  Zaha not playing.

Leicester City vs Stoke City
Vardy is scoring.  Stoke is not.

Liverpool vs West Ham United
Liverpool has that guy who scores, and that other guy that scores, and that other guy that scored more last year but still scores.  West Ham has that one guy who sometimes scores.   Anfield gets another W.

Manchester United vs Chelsea
Tough game to call but maybe the team will ignore Jose’s tactics and try to score and actually win.

Watford vs Everton
Tossed a Coin.

West Bromwich Albion vs Huddersfield Town
Try to convince myself the baggies aren’t bad enough to be bottom but forget that Pardew is their manager.  My convincing side is stronger than my forgetful side..or maybe I convinced myself that’s the reason because I can’t remember.

I have some interesting things stored up for the next few weeks now – including the half-season winner that was never announced.  It’s only been 9 weeks!

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