Round 29 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks and Round 28 Partials

Back to normal with a full schedule – thankfully.  The partial results for 27 are as follows… LJ forgot to play so he automatically is losing.
The scores are currently as shows;however, with games left this round will carry forward until the games are played.  Remember to pick them or you will be given a match score that results in nil point for the game.

I’m Leading!!

As you can see, it’s all to play for but I am the unofficial-for-this-week-at-least-winner!

As I noted we are back to normal:

I’m Waiting for JE and a Decent Performance



This week looks to be setup for a large number of tough picks so I fully expect one person to win by a margin and one person to lag behind.

Which One Am I?

Bournemouth V Swansea

Haven’t checked to see if Llorente is fit this week but if he is Swansea will be 2 goals better than if’s not.  The Cherries are scoring goals at home and looking for security, so being optimistic and thinking that Llorente isn’t as delicate as the Harry Kane.. or is that Hurricane or even Hurticane…. I’ll give them a close loss with the ball banging around in both areas.

Crystal Palace V Watford

The Hornets have a terrible record against the Palace and there’s no reason that will change.  Deeney will score in the first 10 minutes and my hopes will be lifted … then the giraffe will fall over in the box and win a penalty and Gomes will drop the ball in the last minute and give up a result.  Bit like normal then.

Zaha Being Brought Down In the Box Like Suarez

Everton V Hull

Lukaku wants to play Champions League but that won’t affect his performances.  They are close to catching Man Yoooo which would still not be good enough for Champions League… I just wanted to point out that Man Yoo won’t be in Champions League again.  Lukaku 2 Hull 0.

Man City V Liverpool

The Pool have the best record against the other top teams and just improved that record against Arsenal but Citeh are out of Europe and need to ensure their position in the Top 4 starts to solidify.  I was going to call this a tie but rumor has it that Lovren is back and that does not bode well for the Reds.  I once said to LJ that Lovren was terrible and should be banished to Siberia… as a Liverpool fan he disagreed strongly.  “United.  That’s where he should go.”  Still the funniest thing he ever said.

Middlesbrough V Man Utd

This is setup to be a really bad game.  Middlesbrough aren’t very good and Manchester United can’t seem to win (though they never lose).  After the firing of Karanka I fully expect Middlesbrough to come out more aggressively and look for the win.  Against a Chelsea or Spurs team this would result in a humiliating loss but United are struggling for results and will still only eek out a narrow victory.

Stoke V Chelsea

Stoke at home will dig in and try to steal a point at home against the new Champions to be.  Diego Costa will score a tap-in and take all the credit after Hazard dribbles it around 10 Stoke players and lays off a perfect pass.

Sunderland V Burnley

This week Burnley will play horribly away from home. The worst they’ve played all year. And still they will win.  It’s that kind of week in my prediction models.

Tottenham V Southampton

We know Harry Kane isn’t playing but what we don’t know is which Southampton they are playing.  Expect a win for the Cocks-on-a-Beachball nonetheless with Jannsen maybe scoring… but probably not…. good job they have Son and Alli.

I can’t Score because Modern Goals are So Small

West Brom V Arsenal

The boing-boings are not really boinging on all cylinders but they’re playing an Arsenal team that looks more and more like they’ve ready to cede their European run.  Ozil looks ready to quit, Sanches looks ready to quit, Wenger looks ready to quit,and Giroud just looks silly with his beard. Welbeck is just getting back so he’ll come on and save them.

West Ham V Leicester

Leicester are in the Champions League ??  They haven’t won away yet in the league and I picked Burnley already so I’m going out on a limb and saying two winless away records will end this weekend.  West Ham play better away from their giant cave and appear to be safe and not playing with that urgency of threatened relegation.  Of course, Leicester had the disadvantage of playing in the week… and winning.. in Champions League!

That’s all.Just a quick rundown. No editing.  Off the cuff.  And I don’t care if it’s full of issues.  It’s all about the predictions.

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