Round 27 – Results

The result was terrible and unexpected.   That’s right, I managed to put together a week of no exact, no differences and a measly five points.  I feel a bit like the Citeh after their game against Wigan.

Massive Week for BE

If I felt like Citeh, then ME should feel like Delph as he mustered the same score but lost on this week’s arbitrary tie-breaker ( I chose least totally incorrect picks).

Don’t forget your picks this week…. I’ll try to post something interesting but I can already tell I’m tired and have to figure out how to put a Fantasy Team together when I’ve got Man City and Arsenal players…. ho-hum…

As usual, the Round 28 will only officially close when the Arsenal/Citeh game is played.  You can pick now but I will put another form up when the reschedule happens so you can change your mind.

Good Luck – pick your results here

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