Round 27 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks (and Partial Results)

Well Round 26 was messed up because of the a generic cup final that was won by Zlatan but the scoring in our table was incredible.  Before the week started I thought the fixtures were tough to pick and it could be a poor week for guessing – how wrong was I?

Well here are the scores for all participants – human, celebrity, and supercomputer.

Incredible Guessing and Programming skills!

In just 8 games we have scores in the twenties and the high teens!  Supercomputer for with an incredible 21 points!  With two games left to play!

Here are the human only picks.

Incredible Guessing

Only 1 incorrect and 3 exact would win 24 weeks so far…and again with two games left to play!  Everyone was awesome.
Except for the first half season winner (quickly falling) and LJ, the sad scouser.

I only got 8 points?

Quick rundown this week and the predictions will be posted once….

Where’s JE?
Where’s BE?
Where’s ME?


Leicester V Hull
Wanieri is gone and womour has it that Woy will be coming to Weicester to keep things turned awound. Shakespeare’s story appears to be short-lived. Theories abound that a loosening of rules and discipline allowed freedom to win last year but ultimately allowed the freedom to fail this year. A new coach means that Leicester may very well survive but they will find it more difficult to beat Hull than they did Liverpool as Hull will be solid defensively and not press with 70% possession. Leicester will have to graft but they will because they no longer have any excuses not to now that they forced their friend out. A tight affair.

Liverpool V Arsenal
Arsenal are flat track bullies and Liverpool like to punch above their weight with the big boys. Liverpool seem to rise to the occasion against the big boys while Arsenal stumble. I don’t see any reason for that to change. LJ, the fan, is not feeling the Kop love for Klopp. I have it on good authority that Ben Woodburn is the new Robbie Fowler so maybe he’ll make the squad come on and stir things up. At least me writing that shows that I listen to other people! Even those who finish last with their picks.

Man Utd V Bournemouth
United are close to getting back into the Champions League with their aging superstar and they are facing a team that has hit the wall.

Hard Times for the Cherries

Stoke V Middlesbrough
Neither team is exciting and the game will be well defended.  Brough will be playing for a point and will not quite make it.

Sunderland V Man City
Citeh need to keep winning and Pep will probably play the 4-5-3 formation and use the extra man in attack (no need to defend).

Swansea V Burnley
Burnley do NOT win away.  Swansea have the Frenchest English guy in Wales managing their team which has nothing to do with anything but I was surprised to find that someone named Clement who had managed throughout Europe didn’t have a sexy accent.  No offense to people from Reading.

Tottenham V Everton
Both teams are good.  Both teams like to score.  But I am picking 1-1 for all Everton games.

Watford V Southampton
Tough pick.  Hornets and Saints are side-by-side in the table and neither look good enough to head North and neither look bad enough to head South in the table.  I tossed a coin to see who should get the 2 goals and who should get the 1 goal.  Heads was Southampton and Heads it was…. but I support Watford and the heart sometimes rules the heads.

West Brom V Crystal Palace
Big Sam is overrated.  Big Tony is underrated. I hope the Baggies win 4-0 but I’ll take a narrow victory because Ben is playing like he did when he was at Watford.

West Ham V Chelsea
I’m just putting Chelsea for all their games because it seems no one wants to beat them.

Glad to see Torres is well.



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