Round 25 – Shuffling the Pack

Sanchez to United for Mkhitaryan to Arsenal; Giroud to Chelsea for Luiz to Arsenal(?); Every decent Southampton player to Liverpool; foreign players hand-picked by ownership to Watford; everyone who’s good to Madrid. Who can keep track of all the deckchairs being re-shuffled?

Players Transfers

Here are the picks:

Waiting for LJ (always one)

Weekly Comments

AM: “Thank god Christmas and NY is over and done with. All over the place! GGMU. :-)”
What about the January re-shuffle?  I can’t keep track of who is where and who was where.  All I know is that Mourinho signed an extended contract and Alexis Sanchez can now be miserable on 300.000 GBP up North (and Pogba will cry if he doesn’t get a raise).  I can only imagine that the manager formerly known as the “great one” and now regarded as the “grating one” will now complain that he has too many options and too many players to keep happy ….

ME: “Injuries created by poor sides could upset Man Pretty but Baggies are full of flu and this should help Pep’s team to another comfortable win..”
That’s an over-complication of Man City playing West Brom.

ME: “Watford heading in the wrong direction and FA Cup will deflate them further! Lucky for Stoke.”
Watford are close to relegation now.  We just got Deulefeu from Barca and I liked him at Everton so I’m hoping a little width on one side will free up Richarlison on the other … but I feel Richarlison is looking outside the club already.   I just hope he’s not going to turn into a Sanchez in the locker room.

JE:”That hammers v eagles looks like a shit game. Bring on the real eagles game eh Johnny boy!! ”
Looked into tickets for the Superbowl but decided that $5000 a piece was probably a little steep.  Think I might put it towards a Euro 2020 trip or maybe towards some tennis grand-slam events.

No further analysis this week because it’s a school night and I’ve already spent over and hour doing all this stuff! It’s much easier to comment on people though than to have to make up stuff.

Maybe for the next round you can point out that I still haven’t announced the mid-season winner!

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