Round 24 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks (and Round 23 Results)

My fortunes have turned around!  Scoring a victory in a week that could be described as one with one upset after another….

  • Spurs failing to win agains the bottom dwelling Sunderland.  Upset.
  • Manchester United failing to score against Hull. Upset.
  • Watford beating Arsenal. Upset.
  • Mourinho.  Upset.

UPSET!In an unusual week out of 10 games KMFE got only ONE correct. This would be apalling but ME, BE, and LJ only got TWO correct.
I didn’t set any records getting only FIVE correct; however, 4 were exact.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

On to the picks for the week – let’s hope we all do much better – once again waiting for final picks.

Saved My Job Now Waiting for JE

Chelsea V Arsenal
Flat track bullies have a hard time when you put a hurdle in front of them.  Watford are a mole hill that got in the way.. Chelski are a real hurdle and at home.   They took a point at Anfield but are better at home.

Crystal Palace V Sunderland
Sam finally got his win.  Last week I suggested that Sunderland only had one player who could score – I neglected to mention that he wouldn’t.  This week I’ll be clearer.  He won’t score.  I can’t say there are many times that I will say that Benteke is a difference maker but this week he will be.

Everton V Bournemouth
I said that I was going to pick 1-1 for every Everton game.  This seems like it would be a fair result.

Hull V Liverpool
Hull drew against the second best team from the Manchester area – and almost pulled off a victory but for Abel missing on a break-away.. not quite as funny as his FA Cup feat though….

Leicester V Man Utd
Leicester are in a relegation dog-fight but I think they’ll be up-for-it against the boys from Trafford.  In fact, I think Man U will push for a win and fall behind late…only for Fellatio to score in the dying seconds of Mourinho time.

Referees Are Ok When We Benefit

Man City V Swansea
Not picking against the team at Middle Eastlands again.  They have two Jesus on their team – and one of them looks like he could be good.

Southampton V West Ham
This is Schrodingers game – the game is in multiple states (Home win, Away win, Draw) and until we look at it after 90 mins we can’t be sure what the state it.

Tottenham V Middlesbrough 

Watford V Burnley
My heart has expectations after a win against the mighty Arse but you can only be inspired by Graham Taylor’s funeral once….. the game is against Burnley who only have one point on the road.  This should bode well but there’s always the chance that things have to turn around eventually.  It’s unlikely that Burnley will end the season with just 1 point and Watford are always ripe for the taking.  Heart over Head sees Deeney scoring a winner in the last minute.  Harry Hornet floats like a butterfly and stings Bertie Bee.

Who Wore It Better?

West Brom V Stoke
Got to love the Baggies and navy stripes always better than red stripes. Hooray Beer!


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