Round 23 Results

This week saw a winner a winner state “Everyone let me down this week!”


That quote was with one game to play and a 2 point deficit to three other prognosticators (obviously not LS because he’s only as good as last week’s result).   There would have been some validity to the statement if Man You managed to get a draw again Stoke or Stoke managed to eek out a win (not a hope) and even if the Old Toilet saw a win that was not 3-0.  But it was 3-0 and thus he won with a rubbish nine points.

The statement felt a little like watching this penalty:

Lucky Winner

LS managed to get TWO points.   That number saves AB from being alone with the lowest total of the year so far.

It was an interesting week though for Liverpool who looked great for 60 minutes before nearly turning a 4-1 lead into a 4-4 tie.  The 4-3 was not only felt by Citeh;however, as on Friday afternoon that was my result pick when discussing the match with the big Liverpool fan LJ.  I changed my mind late and that lost me FOUR points.  Not only that but I will continue to hear how this site continues to disparage the might reds.

Anyway congratulations to ME on a week when you were let down just a little less than everyone else.


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