Round 23 – Results Premier League

I declare myself the human winner of the week tied with the extremely successful “anon”.  I’m sure with just a little tweaking, my Dad’s algorithm will be spitting out perfect weeks.  I would recommend that he spend more time on his own analysis though as his personal performance has started to dip significantly.

Anon 6 correct, 1 perfect
Me 6 correct, 1 perfect
Nephew 5 correct, 1 perfect
Mum 4 correct, 1 perfect
Dad 2 correct

I’m pretty sure that my Dad would have scored just the one point had he been selecting without bias; however, he is always going to pick the Spuds for a win and this week they actually did win.


This weeks picks:

Norwich 1 2 Liverpool
Crystal Palace 1 2 Tottenham
Leicester 2 1 Stoke
Manchester United 2 1 Southampton
Sunderland 2 1 Bournemouth
Watford 0 1 Newcastle
West Brom 1 0 Aston Villa
West Ham 1 2 Manchester City
Everton 2 2 Swansea
Arsenal 3 1 Chelsea

Liverpool are inconsistent and almost impossible to predict with Klopp in charge because he’s still in charge of the same team that Rodgers was in charge of.  Klopp even inherited that defeated look.

Why Can’t Benteke get his Head on the end of our short Passes?

Liverpool have won the last 5 meetings.  That’s an impressive statistic meant to make me sound smart; however, it’s totally irrelevant due to Norwich being a team that are often not in the Premier league.  Liverpool have scored an average of .25 goals in their last 4 games on the road.  That’s an impressive statistic meant to make me sound smart; however, it’s just basic division.  Norwich have been keeping clean sheets and scraping results at home so the perfect prediction would have this as a 0-1/4.  Correction for rounding and conditions had my algorithm spat out a Liverpool win by a slim margin.

Spuds unbeaten in 9 away.  Crystal Palace repeatedly failing to seal home results.  Somehow the Spuds will scrape a nice away victory and stay primed for a top 4 finish.

Leicester are just happy to not be playing Spurs again.  Two rounds in the F.A.Cup and the League they get to play an improving Stoke team who away from home have a defence tighter than a duck’s arse (Google suggestion).  Fortunately, Leicester are due to get back to their scoring ways

Stoke’s Defence

Manchester United are destined to drag out boring wins to save LVG until Pep becomes available and the two Manchester sides can fight over his signature.  Excuse me, the team from Manchester can fight the team from Trafford over Pep’s signature.  Southampton aren’t good away from home so it’s hard to see them winning.  Many pundits say that DeGea will feature in this game – which is a polite way of saying that he keeps them in most games.  I’m not sure how he stays awake with his front row view.  A home win.

Sunderland are improving. Bournemouth are a hard working team and like Watford, they’re due hitting the wall.  Home win.

Last week I was victorious  in the selection committe due to the exact score pick against Swansea (I watched the entire game hoping they would show up and make me lose).  I hate picking against my own Hornets but I’m going to do it again.  I expect a sticky patch to go on for a few more games until certain players get rested and re-energized.  It should be close and Newcastle will surely want to avenge their F.A. Cup loss and they likely will.

At least the Moose are still in the F.A. Cup and have some points in hand for the season.

Yay! A Cup!

West Brom are facing their local rivals and some of the new is around Agbonlahor being injured.  The fact that his injury is of concern shows how weak Aston Villa are  as a squad.  Their referee likes to give penalties so I expect to see two of them in this game.  Villa will miss but at least it will be a shot on target.

West Ham started well and are now sliding well but they’re unbeated in 8 and Citeh have won just 1 of their last 6 away from the comforts of Eastlands.  It won’t matter where they are playing – could be a field in Didsbury or West Ham park – and Citeh would win.

Everton do everything in their power to avoid winning.  Swansea was doing everything in their power to try and win and just failing miserably.  Has to be a draw.

Arsenal will beat Chelski easily despite (amazing fact alert) the Blues having the longest unbeaten streak in the Premier League.   It’s only 2W 4D which isn’t impressive at all when you consider that 10 years ago Arsenal went the entire season without loss.   I’ll end this week with a joke:  Chelsea fans think Courtois is a better keeper than Cech.

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