Round 22 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks (and Round 21 Results)

Last week the victor was KMFE followed closely by everyone not me….or Mr Livi who once again told me I need to write a paper on why those most knowledgeable on a subject are most likely to fail when tested on that subject.  At least that is his argument for coming last again.

In a shocker this week she is going for the Spuds against her beloved Citeh.

Another poor showing for JCE but better then LJ 🙂

In another shocker, we’re still waiting for you know who to make his picks.

Cheeky Time Abuser

But here are the picks for this week.

Predictions, Guesses, Random Picks

All signs point to another disappointing week where I don’t get exact scores.  I feel like playing catch up is influencing my picks and I’ve started to search for results that don’t exist but that’s the danger in falling behind in the first place.  Lessons learned for next year.
Arsenal V Burnley
Giroud is scoring for fun again and Burnley are playing away from home which can only mean one thing – everyone has picked Arsenal to win.  Competitively I should just copy BE and get an exact score but my gut tells me that Burnley won’t score away from home.

Bournemouth V Watford
I picked Mazzari as one of the favorites to go next.   Big Sam was my favorite as I don’t believe he can get through a transfer window without doing “something” involving one of these.

Bag O Money or Personal Transfer “Bonus”

Watford are close to Leicester which last year would have been pretty good but this year is pretty terrible and this is a game against another bottom of the table team (who do well at home).  I want to pick them to win but that seems to backfire… so I’m picking the Cherries to win and hoping the Hornets finally score goals.

Chelsea V Hull
Chelski are Top.  Hull are Bottom.  Here’s a prediction for you – that will be true at the end of the week too.  The question is how many goals to the good will the friend of Trumps team be… seems to be the consensus that it will be the number of years Trump is in office.  Many think that would be 4 miserable goals but I think it will be less.

Crystal Palace V Everton
Big Sam’s team have to win eventually and why not at home against a wildly inconsistent Toffee team that play too soft and lack that solid core [featured image hint -it’s subtle this week].  I expect Zaha to win a penalty and for Changy the Elephant to do a Harry Hornet dive.

Harry Impersonating Zaha

Liverpool V Swansea
Swansea have been terrible and Liverpool have looked decent and probably better now with Coutinho back.  The future is bright for them with their Under-16s team beating Plymouth in the F.A.Cup.  I don’t think Klopp will be too worried about the Coca-Cola Milk Rumbelows Capital One Why Is It Two Legs Semi-Final Cup so I expect a full team and a sound as a pound win.

Man City V Tottenham
A top of the table clash.  A win for Citeh puts them in the top 4 (on points) and a loss puts them in the dreaded position of below their not-quite-Manchester rivals.    A win for for Spurs keeps them in the top 4 and a loss puts them in the dreaded position of below their London rivals.  An early St Totterings Day (they’ll never catch the gooners once they fall behind).

Middlesbrough V West Ham
Boro are Boring.  The Hammers are a hammering.  If Boro can’t score against Watford they won’t win against West Ham.  If they prevent Watford from scoring it is irrelevant.

Southampton V Leicester
The Saints are disappointingly in the lower half of the table but higher than Leicester.  The secret sauce has gone… Saints win.

West Brom V Sunderland
Sunderland are relegated.  Sunderland are doomed.  It seems that the Baggies finally have real interest from other teams that seem to want Berahino so things are looking up for Tony and his band of merry men.

Stoke V Man Utd
I predict this one will be close and might end in a draw.. or it will be one sided and a 40-0 win for the Red Devils.

Happy Birthday JE

It’s also KMFE’s Birthday this week and her prize is a life size Olaf.

I’m Cute and So is My Friend
I’m Olaf’s Friend

No bets this week.  I’m tired of losing fake money.

6 Replies to “Round 22 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks (and Round 21 Results)”

    1. It’s standard to put the home team before the away team except when it’s qualified by the team in question. So a 40-0 prediction would be confusing because I don’t think Stoke will score 40…. however, 40-0 to Red Devils would make it clear that the team winning was Man U so the order would be fine.

      Anyway it was a Draw OR 40-0. Turns out I was correct.

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