Round 21 – English Premier League

Midweek games are not ideal for The Prognostikatorâ„¢ as usually it starts processing on Friday to predict the weekend results. It does this to factor in late injuries and weather reports and general media sentiment and potential morale impact on personnel. It has been carefully tuned recently as it had totally missed many key indicators at Chelsea. Of course, you’re wondering why I didn’t just start it on Monday aren’t you? Well, I forgot to preload the fixtures for the week and set the initiation trigger. Hopefully the short-circuited and simplified monte carlo simulation provides decent results.

Anyway this week’s picks:

Newcastle 0 0 Manchester United
Bournemouth 1 2 West Ham
Aston Villa 1 2 Crystal Palace
Chelsea 2 0 West Brom
Manchester City 2 1 Everton
Southampton 0 1 Watford
Stoke 2 1 Norwich
Swansea 1 0 Sunderland
Liverpool 1 1 Arsenal
Tottenham 1 2 Leicester

The analytics engine also ran out of space for listing injuries for Liverpool so I’ve decided to remove Sturridge from the engine and just replace him with a direct morale and managerial impact coefficient in the formulas. If he returns I’ll need to remember to undo this remind me in 2017.

Note 2:
I did the same for Danny Welbeck.

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