Round 21 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks

The second half of the season is underway and I’ve been asked what the prize was for the season leader after 19 games.  The truth is that I didn’t expect to be towards the bottom of the table and the prize was just going to be a nice beer.  This would have worked for anyone winning other than BE who doesn’t drink beer… that’s a shame because that’s the prize and it is unfortunately already purchased – will be a shame to waste it.

I’ve still not officially announced the first half results so it’s still unopened but I’ve got incentive now.

The Prize
All Guesses are In

Still waiting for “YouKnowWho” [Update: Scores added above]

Cheeky Time Abuser

This week I seem to have changed my mind more than most. It’s like I’m taking a penalty for palace….

Burnley V Southampton
If Burnley only played at home they would be performing as Top 5 team… and SC1 would have a lot more points.   The Saints played midweek and beat Liverpool but they’re not very good away from home.
Everton V Man City
I said I would pick Everton 1-1 at home for the rest of the year.  I’m sticking with that slick analysis.  Pep will change the team again probably playing Bravo as a central defender in a back 3 as a new defensive experiment.
Hull V Bournemouth
Who knows?  Bournemouth lost in the Cup (as I predicted) but Hull are a bottom dweller.   I expect the Cherries to return to form,bounce back and firmly settle Hull as relegation favorites.  Some would say that’s not going out on a limb as they’re already bottom.  Well if you think you can do better have a go.  I’ll provide you a userid and a password and you can tell me that Leicester are dark horses for relegation (they are).   Speaking of Leicester….
Leicester V Chelsea
Chelsea finally fell off the winning wagon and Leicester love a challenge (at least they did last year).  Should be a fun game with Costa riding the bench to try and get his $1,000,000 per week pay-cheque.
Man Utd V Liverpool
The big game at the Old Toilet.  The red devils against the other red team.  Seven in a row?  I don’t think so.  Klopp will have learned to play defensively and will setup his stall and counter.   Sure the big Z will score but so will someone for Liverpool.
Sunderland V Stoke
This is the weekly game that no one cares about except those who bet on David Moyes to be fired before Mazzari. I care about that fact but truthfully even that’s not enough for me to want to watch it.
Swansea V Arsenal
Aaron Ramsey is from Wales and so are Swansea.  Neither are having a great season.  I fully expect the gaul Giroud to save his team once again.
Tottenham V West Brom
Dele Ali will not score this week (see Bets).  I don’t expect Spurs to have a difficult time against WBA but they probably will.
West Ham V Crystal Palace
West Ham can win at home and Crystal Palace have Big Sam in charge and I just want them to lose.
Watford V Middlesbrough
I would have picked ‘brough to win this week had it not been for the sad passing of Graham Taylor. There are certain times of your life that are just more memorable or sticky and Mr Turnip was part of that.  I fully expect Watford to be “up fer it” and play for the win and if anyone will lead that charge it will be Deeney on his way to 150 now that he’s got his century.

The Original Turnip
Have we Thought of Playing Dressed as Donald Duck?
We Won Something!
Get Rid of the Hornet and get a Moose!
He Got One Before Elton
When Brolin Was Skinny! It was bad but now we can’t even beat Iceland!

I need to find some better material.

Don’t Bet On These

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