Round 19 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks (and Round 18 Results)

The results from last week are in and I finally didn’t finish last. I didn’t win outright either but I’ll take a tie.  Once again the scoring seemed unfair but this time to LJ who finished last despite getting the same number of results correct as the top 4.

LJ needs an Exact score!
Still Waiting For JE (again)

Looks like the picks are all in except for JE (again) and SC4 who likes to run overnight and calculate the predictions on latest available data.
Only a quick review today because this weekend will see the mid-season wrap up (sneak preview:  I’m doing terrible with picks and everything else).

Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Flat track bullies beat lower quality teams.  Any team managed by Big Sam aspires to nothing more than being totally average.

Burnley v Sunderland

Both have the same record over the last 5 games (3 wins, 2 losses) but one generally wins at home and no reason that trend will end.

Chelsea v Stoke

Chelsea have been using up the world’s supply of Ws.  Pretty soon hen someone ins they ont be able to rite much because e’ll have run out. The run will end soon (next week) as they get a little tired at the back but this will be a dominating performance.

Hull v Everton

Hull aren’t a bad team and give it a lot of go.  Mike Phelan is on the shortlist to get fired but with what the team has there’s nothing better they can bring in (maybe get a short term Pardew elevation before future mediocrity).  Everton are going to pick up a couple of good players in the window and will compete for a top 6 finish.  They stay in touch at the top with another win.

Leicester v West Ham

No Vardy who is still suspended. The champions are now in the relegation area and need to do a West Ham and win a few games to relieve the pressure.  Unfortunately, they are playing West Ham who are on a bit of a run.  Leicester have been very dodgy on crosses and so I expect the carthorse (Carrol) to knock one in.

Liverpool v Man City

Liverpool have won 5 of 6 against city.  Liverpool are averaging over 2 goals a game at home.  At the fortress, even without Tiny Tim, Liverpool should win.  I feel if the game is open then Liverpool will score a few against a weak defense… if Pep plays it safe? I expect it to be 0-0… but the reality is that Man City don’t like being pressed and Liverpool are going to press.

Man Utd v Middlesbrough

Easy fixture.  Easy win.

Southampton v West Brom

Southampton looked good for a draw against Spurs before the red card ruined the game.  West Brom might start feeling some pressure if they don’t pick up points aginst the teams around and below themselves. Home team will win despite their inability to score.  I could see this going 0-0 as well but I pick the Saints.

Swansea v Bournemouth

Swansea have what they need, someone in charge that’s better than Bob Bradley.  That someone is no-one because no-one is better than Bob Bradley.   Read that how you want to read it 🙂
Expect to see Coleman hired soon to a team on a 1-game win streak.

Watford v Tottenham

Harry Kane blew a penalty but made fun of himself.

I don’t think Watford have a chance – they have been very poor – though I’d like Capoue to stick one past his old team who need to be made fun of as a defense mechanism.

Watford Have a Moose …..


Finally… the best way to lose your money (though I’ve accurately picked the exact progression and firing of Pardew and Bradley).   I don’t rate either manager so I’m not really surprised.  This weeks bet is that the next manager fired will be …… Big Sam…. I just don’t see him doing anything at Palace other than calling up agents.

This weeks money losing tips!

How much should you bet on Allardyce being fired?  I called him up and he said he’d bet all the money he has to “grease the wheels of the transfer market”. Not sure what that means but he said I should stock up on brown envelopes.

Transfer Money


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