Round 17 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks (and Round 16 Results)

This week will be a quick run through.  Just a couple of non picks items….. Santa Rio donated toys for kids but perhaps more importantly, sleeping bags for the homeless.  It’s not a house but with the growing issue in Manchester it’s nice that he’s put a couple of quid to charity…500,000 you say?  Wow. Your club affiliation has been forgiven.

Once again…. we’re waiting for JE’s picks coming in at the last minute.

JE Time

Cherries v Saints Not Marching

Bournemouth are decent at home and the Saints struggle away.  Nuff said.

(Not) Pardew’s Palace v Chelski

Chelsea may have won 10 straight but their performances haven’t been dominating of late and they are grafting victories.  I always felt that an extended run would ultimately tire the back three and this week Zaha will play out wide which will stretch the defensive formation of Chelski.  Normally I would pick an upset as the goalkeeping was very suspect against Sunderland as shown in this video where a little known Lowery scored against an out of form Asmir Begovic.

Besides that, the Palace boys are tired of the pressure of bailing out their boss who will end the day unemployed for Christmas when Chelski do make it 11 wins in a row in a low scoring adventure.

It’s Half Past Time I was Fired

Merseyside Derby

This is always a great game.  Unfortunately, it’s on a Monday when most people are working.  I do know that when most people do a vacation they go to a nice relaxing spot..others, like Livi, take vacation for one reason and that reason is to watch a game of vicious tackling.  Everton are strong at home and strong in tackle.  There’s no Gerrard to get studs in for Liverpool so I expect Everton to end the game a man down… but not any goals down.

Merseyside Staycay

The Only Team In Manchester vs Arsenal

The Citeh boys are without Fernandinho due to temporary injury to the brain and without Gundogan due to malfunctioning knee.  This is a top of the table clash which immediately favors the team that isn’t Arsenal; however, the Citeh boys are missing key players.  Arsenal have scored a number of away goals but mostly against lower tier teams (flat track bullies) like Hull, Sunderland, West Ham.  Man City are worse at home than away and have struggled to score in multiples.  The right performance by either team could send this 3-0 or 0-3 so I’m splitting the difference and assuming at least one goal.

Pep is actually fairly amusing and learning English using phrases such as “It is what it is”. But listen to him talk about his goalie at 10:00…. it’s quite funny.


Middlesbrough vs The Only Team in Wales

This is a six-pointer (I won’t watch).  Swansea are not improved under Brad and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the first to go after Pardew when they once again fail to score and Boro do.

Fragile Pottery vs Foxes

Leicester smacked Man City and then lost to lesser competition.  Common thought is that they turned the corner in the EPL and just suffered their first turn-around hiccup.  Stoke are strong at home but without Arnautovic they are short some creative forward play.  Tight game but I’ll give Vardy another in a non-winning cause.  With the younger Viking back in goal the Foxes should be better – I always say confidence starts at the back.

(No) Sunderland vs Meese

Sunderland are playing without Lowery (scorer of a great goal) but they’re a team I do think are better than their position indicates.  I think the Moose are over-achieving and this game will bring the teams a little closer together in the table.

Spuds at Burnley

Burnley always forget to pack goals for away trips. Spuds decide to use up some of their yearly goal allowance -Kane will pad his resume.

Baggies at Zlatan’s Team Not From Manchester

West Brom are only one position behind United and it’s only partly because they aren’t a bad team.  It’s partly because Trafford United aren’t a good team.  There’s a lot of jibber-jabber about Trafford boys getting results but they’re not banging in nearly enough goals so this will be much tighter than expected (unless you paid attention to the midweek result).

Hammering Hull

One more win and West Ham will begin to spend more time looking Up the table rather than Down the table.  They’re getting healthier (their stadium probably has it own hospital) and they will start to overcome the huge lack of home field advantage.  Hull are going down this year.

Here are my weekly bets which I include as things you should not put money on.

Do Not Make These Bets

Results from the last two rounds are stuck down here because I did terrible and I know no-one reads to the end because if they did they might notice I have no comments and feel sorry for me.

At Least I wasn’t Last!

Once again a good week for BE but pipped by JE taking advantage of his extra time.

Crap I was last!

The amusing thing to me about this result is that I managed to pick 7 results out of 10 correct and finish dead last!  The odds of picking seven correct results and none being a draw and not one being with the correct goal difference has to be incredible…. I went back and read my analysis on the games and they were mostly correct.. that’s why this week you’ll notice (you will now) that I didn’t include my predictions (they are locked in and I will publish if I don’t come last 🙂 ).

Almost as incredible as getting 9 right but only getting the wrong differential twice!  Congratulations, BE!

*I did notice the jump in performance of ME so please make sure he’s not sneaking a gander at your picks before submitting them…it’s very suspicious!


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