Round 15 – English Premier League

Two weeks ago I was sent picks of my some of my family.  The net results were as follows:

Dad 8
Mum 7
Nephew 7
Brother 6
Me  4
Sister In Law 3
Niece 3

This is not slightly embarrassing.  It is disappointing; however, the difference is mostly I think due to some natural group thinking.  When multiple people are picking it’s quiet easy to be swayed by argument – such as the common 1-2 pick for Watford and Manchester United.   I know you’re thinking that there is no persuasion or psychological impact of choosing in a group but can you think of any other reason that my Sister in Law picked Spuds to win 5-0?  That’s my dad’s influence right there.

The next week there was a reduced participation and once again I fared…. well … poorly.  The only bright side is that my Dad didn’t beat me three weeks in a row!  I was considering providing him access to this crazy blog and having him have a go!

Mum 10
Nephew 6
Me 6
Dad 5

I will say Congratulations Mum – 10 pts is a great score, especially when as an Arsenal fan you felt compelled (like all of us) to pick them to win.

This week a similar thing has happened.  As you know I have a Liverpool fan as a reader (because you’re the only one that reads this blog I’m assuming you know yourself) has finally provided me with picks and instruction.   Every week I get told how my picks were rubbish so my strategy is to choose the same results as him.  That way he can be rubbish as well!  Of course he wants me to pick the Georgie boys against his Klopp superstars to help his team continue their stellar run.

A quick search for an image of Georgie Boys yields this:

Georgie Boys

Apparently an Australian show?  What I do know is that if they were really Geordie boys they would need a few additional layers of clothing.  The guy on the left would also be at risk of an arse-kicking for their ridiculous hair.

Then again maybe not:

I Got my Beer Belly Keeping Me Warm

So on with the picks.

12/5/2015 Stoke 1 1 Manchester City
12/5/2015 Arsenal 1 0 Sunderland
12/5/2015 Manchester United 1 0 West Ham
12/5/2015 Southampton 2 0 Aston Villa
12/5/2015 Swansea 2 2 Leicester
12/5/2015 Watford 2 1 Norwich
12/5/2015 West Brom 1 1 Tottenham
12/5/2015 Chelsea 3 0 Bournemouth
12/6/2015 Newcastle 0 1 Liverpool
12/7/2015 Everton 2 1 Crystal Palace

The Manchester team is not as good as people want them to be.  While many think this statement could apply to both the red and blue teams it should be noted that one of the teams is in Trafford with supporters in Berkshire.  Citeh will not have Kompany but he’s not been a top defender for some time – what’s critical is that Silva or Aguero are available and can have an impact.  With Yaya wandering around like he’s my age and Navas having to play more because Milner upgraded teams no team is more reliant on one or two players than the Citeh.  Besides of course Arsenal (and Alexis is out which makes todays pick a challenge) and Watford with Ighalo.  What can we say about Jesus Navas?  Let’s see.

Why did the Chicken cross the road?  To teach Navas how to cross.

Navas is so bad he couldn’t cross a bridge.

Jesus of Nazareth could walk on water, Jesus Navas struggles to walk on grass.

and my favorite:

Navas is one dodgy haircut away from being Aaron Lennon.

Arsenal are struggling with injuries; however, some key players are also returning and it’s time they stopped using the excuse – Ramsey, Ox, and Bellerin are all returning.  If Ramsey can return somewhere to his old form it should be enough to get past a Sunderland outfit that shouldn’t have a chance at the Emirates (is every stadium Emirates yet?)

Trafford United are playing at the Old Toilet and you know what I think?  The toilet is where West Ham will continue to flush away much of their good start to the season.  Another dull game, another dull result.  I know the fans say that it is results that matter but when you’re as big and rich as Manchester United it’s sad that your fans have aspirations that you play the way Liverpool play under Klopp.  Still, 1-0. 3pts.  LVG building a team for Ryan Giggs to take over and fail with.

Southampton have been poor and lost 6-1 to Liverpool in the Milk Cup; however, it’s the Milk Rumbelows cup so who really cares?  Ronald Koeman cares.  Of course, he’s now stupidly suggesting that Southampton won’t sell Mane for even a million pounds!  Has he not been watching the transfer windows recently?  Did he miss the boos and subsequent retorting chance midweek when Adam Lallana came to town?  Of course the team will bounce back because they are playing Aston Villa. In many ways, a crushing “who cares” defeat in midweek to Klopps red army in the Coca-Cola cup leaves confidence higher than a “we fought and wore our hearts on our sleeve” and lost to Watford game.

Swansea have been on a pitiful run. Leicester have been on a long purple patch.  All runs come to an end eventually so I’m tempted to end them both here.  I’ll probably watch to see if Vardy can score again or see if Leicester end the week on top of the table.  I’m going to bet against both but still see them garnering a point.

Watford are comfortably mid-table is what I keep reading.  Seriously?  Watford are one player being hurt from getting themselves in trouble.  The points tally is also not much higher than those below them.  Norwich?  They score but apparently Watford defend well and can score as well.  Time for the team playing in Gold to win a match at home and for Deeney to score again and prove he’s not playing one division too high. Norwich won both encounters last year but the teams are different now – this is a key test that will make me believe that staying up is possible.

Warning! There are moose crossing and coming to take home a win.   Even moose can do what Navas can’t!

Moose Crossing

Gerry Francis knows a lot about Spuds and he’s helping West Brom figure out a tactic and he’s come up with a classic that everyone who watches football saw last week – take advantage of Kyle Walker and Danny Rose getting carried away up front and counter out wide.  Harry Kane is good but some recent flubs were more good for a laugh than goals.  {Comments include: that finish was the worst I’ve seen since the last series of Lost}

Bournemouth showed so much heart last week that if Tactics Tim (Sherwood) was their manager he would have been chuffed and proud but he’s not and they won’t repeat it.  Chelsea will probably win easily and Jose will starting the massive comeback that will try to get them into the Europa league.

Newcastle are bad.  Very bad.  If you look at the squad you wonder where they are good (and the answer is nowhere).  McClaren has tried talking them up, talking them down, talking like his team isn’t there (well they don’t always show up) and nothing has worked.  Klopp has brought fun and excitement back to Liverpool and that’s the only difference in the team.  Motivation, morale all have an impact in the workplace and football is just a workplace for these guys.  Liverpool will struggle though because you can’t thrash everyone and you shouldn’t get as excited as they did about a Littewoods Cup win in the week.

Last but not least.  Everton gave it away last week.  They won’t do it again.  Not at home.  Not with Martinez in charge.

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  1. Why do you always find it necessary to take a sly dig at Liverpool? Oh wait, you did say that Milner upgraded teams.
    I see you currently have 33% predictions correct in terms of results, not exact score, before the Monday game. Guess what, I’ll leave the predictions to you as I managed a meager 11%.

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