Round 15 2017/18 – Quick Picks

Here are the picks – just waiting for LJ who probably forgot because I didn’t do my weekly Friday office message reminder.


This week should be a bit better scoring than last week unless the EPL throws in a few surprises.

Quotes of the Week

Thanks for writing in some interesting comments:

From JE:
“I want the moose men to win but Tottenham should win again soon shouldn’t they ? Arsenal and united should draw 1-1 (scrolls up and puts in a two for United so we win. Let’s see if that works for me better than it does for you!)”
I too want the deer-men to win but even at home it will be a tough ask against the Spuds.  Especially, a potato-chicken team that is going to be looking to make up for lost points over the last weeks.  Perhaps MP is focused on the Real Madrid job and we have a chance.  I checked the head-to-head and see if that would influence me.

Well Balanced Head to Head

Not a lot of analysis on my part after that.

A Potato Chicken (This is KMFE’s name)

I think it looks more like a potato-penguin but while searching for this I found a couple of cute pictures (not football related)

It’s a Duck!

I think it’s a duck but given the earlier picture I could try to argue it’s a baby Swansea image.

A Pin Up (Non Football Related)

Then to bring it all back to football

Image result for premier league pin up teddy
Two Pin Ups (not sure what’s going on with those shorts)

From ME:

“Watford won’t concede 4 goals again…so I will predict only 3! Spurs can’t be so bad three games on the bounce..please!”
See above.

“Lots of tough calls again this week. I may well be bottom again. Good job AM is also predicting as badly!”
To be fair and unbiased in my reporting it should be pointed out that in the prior week, while performing terribly, me AM did score more points than you.

To be more fair and unbiased I should point out that I was equally terrible and also scored more points than you.

And when I say points I mean point.

Further Analysis

Not this week.  It’s late and last week didn’t work so well after I put in all the detail.   I’ll probably post a longer results post instead on Monday or add a fun post this weekend when I’m watching a game.

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