Round 14 2016/2017 – Results and Brief Analysis

Just a quick update.  It has come to my attention that the picks exporter has been incorrectly putting predictions for ME and making it look like he’s better at guessing than he really is.  The issue was only related to the visual reformatting and did not impact the scoring. This weeks post for Round 14 has been corrected.

So ….

This is What JE wanted to Be When he Grew Up


Turns out that I was comfortably winning until the final game where KMFE snuck in with an exact score of Middlesbrough 1-0 Hull.  The professional pundits did well this week with one predicting FOUR exact results! I’ll take solace in getting the fewest incorrect…. and continue with my poor streak of getting exact score.

Next week I will predict one game to have at least 7 goals – let’s hope it’s the right one!

Congrats KMFE and kudos ME for pointing out the picks of yours were wrong which ended up landing you dead last.

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