Round 13 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks

This weeks picks are once again 1 person short.


The supercomputer chugged and churned this week and continues to get stuck on its counter on 2 for home teams and 1 for away teams.  This might seem like a simple bug but I’m not actually sure – it could just be lazy.  Talking of lazy, Supercomputer 3 just copied Supercomputer 2 again.  It’s working on an algorithm in the same way that Jimmy Kimmel is waiting for Matt Damon.

Arsenal need to be, as JE would say, flat track bullies and make some Kirsch (tromp and distill the Cherries).  Bournemouth have only one once away and Arsenal are my favorite team that aren’t  EltonJohn’s Moosemen according to KMFE.  I fully expect Arsenal to score more goals than they can put against a decent PSG team.

Burnley didn’t score against 10 men Trafford (and in fact got dominated).   They also got thwumped by West Brom on Monday.  It all points to a dominating performance but Citeh can’t rely on Ya Ya anymore like they did last week.  He’s no longer the best African player which was emphasized again this week when he didn’t get on the shortlist (no doubt his agent is  unhappy at Pep about that and the money it has cost him).   I don’t think Burnley will score and it’s a question of how many goals Prince Harry can setup.

Chelski will play against a team trying to match their formation and will end up winning.  It’s hard to see another team duplicating the undefeated Arse team and Spuds should have given it up last week when down to the hapless Hammers before getting two late goals.  In other words, Spuds will lose eventually and this seems like a good week for that to happen.

Hull are not a great team and neither are West Brom which makes this one of those tough calls.  Bromwich are on a better run than Hull and they’ll probably edge it. I won’t be watching this game.

Leicester are in the CL next round and so they can focus on the league.  They need to- their form has been poor and they are losing games they didn’t last year (they are losing games).  This year is not all ding-a-ling dally Pizza and Champagne and Vardy hasn’t been on a 11 game scoring run in a while.. a new win streak starts now.

Liverpool were awesome against Watford but used up all their goals.  This means they came up against a Saints team short of ammo.  Some replenishment in the week should see them with some attacks and they should win handily;however, their defending has been known to be lacking (a.k.a. atrocious) and Jermaine will be looking to increase his tally of 150 goals.  It will be the most lopsided 3-2 victory ever.

Trafford United are playing the Hammers in a game that is destined to be 0-0 but will end 1-0 as Rooney scores another goal to ward off the retirement speculation.

Southampton and Everton is a game that Ronald will really want to win but won’t.  After a decent start the Toffees are proving themselves to be suitably average. An average team will do averagely well against another average team and they will likely average an average score of 1-1.  A score bore draw.

Swansea are my pick to be one of the two teams relegated early on along with Hull.  Bradley will be end up being fired when they realize he is not a very good manager.   Picking  a national team that picks itself is easier than managing a full squad.  They should eek out a draw against a Palace team in a run of poor form which is impressive as Zaha probably wins two penalties for flopping in and around the area.

Last week I would have picked Stoke to win.   Stoke had looked good. Watford had looked awful.  Then last week Stoke looked awful. Watford looked good (I only watched about 30 minutes of the game).  In the end I tossed a coin and it didn’t land on heads or tails.  I didn’t know what that meant so I decided to pick a draw.  Perhaps it means that Watford win the choice of kick-off or ends?

This weeks bets.


Next week I’ll try to be funnier and make a non-pick/result posts – I have a couple of cool video to share.

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