Round 12 2016/2017 – Results and Brief Analysis

Congratulations to BE who has won for the 2nd time!  Not an altogether disastrous week for me but I’m still languishing near the bottom of the table on all fronts.


For fun (and humiliation) I’ve provided head to head tallies  against all the human competitors.   This does reveal that my picks this are far worse than last year.  Maybe I’ll do a comparison to see how much worse I’m really doing.


The head-to-head stats are interesting because you can see some patterns.

  • Pattern 1:  I’m rubbish
  • Pattern 2:  Things are fairly close head-to-head even if the points aren’t showing some people have stellar weeks and I have awful weeks.
  • Pattern 3:  JE is winning easily by being nice and steady



The average table is, unsurprisingly, trending more towards the actual table (see Diff.).  Clearly everyone is picking more based on form than just guessing.   One note to self:  West Ham and Leicester aren’t doing as well as we collectively think and Tony Pullis deserves more credit.

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