Round 11 2017/18 – Picks and Results and Lots of Zeroes

I know that in writing this blog or commentary that I often make mistakes (all of which go unreported1) but I don’t worry because I know even the proper news outlets get their results wrong.

Point is, that I try my best to get everyone’s picks right but it you really really care about where you finish be sure to check your predictions.  I’ll try and get them up a bit quicker.


A Very Bad Start

This week’s picks (ok, last week’s picks that I’m posting a week late) were quite interesting.  I knew the games would be challenging to pick as the big teams were playing each other and that meant a lot of smaller teams were head-to-head.  Worse, the teams you would normally fancy was often the away team.  After five games the scoring was looking bleak; I cannot every remember multiple people starting a week with FIVE (5) completely wrong guesses.  At this point it was looking pretty bad for me.

It was a terrible start.

A Disappointing Start
Great Start

Better Finish

By the end things improved for the most part with everyone picking up 3 results out of 5.   Maybe we were better prepared for these results.

Better Prepared

But it was a complete reversal for AM and ME in their person tete-a-tete with ME moving from last-to-first and AM falling from first-to-last with the lowest total I’ve seen for a long time.  I was bailed out by correctly picking Liverpool as 4-1 winners – a total no-brainer that I’m surprised everyone else missed.  I did actually pick Huddersfield 1-0 West Brom but entered it incorrectly on the form as 0-0 and so I have to stand by my official entry which drops me to 2nd.

Weekly Leaders

Overall things are still relatively close at the top but with the bottom three slowly drifting off the bottom and looking for a solid result.

Current Leaders

For interest I thought I would put how everyone is generally picking.  Each box shows how far your personal table (based on your picks) ranks the teams against where they actually are in the table.  Green means that the team is overachieving relative to your picks and red means that they are underachieving relative to your picks….

Quick test:  Who is overrated and who is most underated?

Average Table


Image result for chris hughton cheer
Give My Underrated Self a Hand


They Fired My Overrated Self

Don’t forget your picks

1Actually, when the form responded with the incorrect teams I got a number of very concerned emails. So thanks.

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