Round 10 2017/18 – Results (New Server)

Hopefully the site is up and running after a quick migration from one host to another host.  There was nothing wrong with the existing server but unlike Citeh or Chelski I don’t really need to be spending money on one server when I already have a good one available.  I don’t think I can send my server off on loan to a second tier blogger.  Let me know if you find anything not working (but don’t look too hard).

This week’s final results:

All Guesses In

This week’s final results table:

Where do You Rank? Last if you’re ME

There are some head-to-heads of note – namely the friendly competition between AM and ME.  I don’t mean to point out the obvious but they’re like polar opposites.  Literally.

This week’s aggregate table:

Aggregate Effort


I did get a couple of comments this week.  LS wrote “Do you win anything for coming last? Asking for a friend…”.  Firstly, there’s barely a prize for coming first.  This past year it was a bottle of Kraken Spiced Rum.  It was nice to be able to do an in person presentation of the prize.

Kraken For The Winner

Secondly, I wasn’t aware that you knew LJ 😉

AB wrote “At least my name is top of the list when entering initials for these submissions……..”  I’m not sure that’s true! We’ll have to check this week’s entry form

AB at the Bottom


Don’t forget to pick.  I’m hoping to do some analysis this week.

Puzzle Picture

I had completed the Football History puzzle a few weeks ago.  This weeks sample shows Mr Taking Le Tiss saying goodbye to the Dell.  He came up in conversation this week when a couple of us were discussing the worst penalty in the world which we thought may have been Anthony Martial vs Benfica for a while before realizing that was a little harsh.

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