Round 10 2016/2017 – Premier League Picks

This week the banter I provide is post results.  Having tried to predict games and being horribly wrong I thought I would try it the way Jose Mourinho might do this blog.  Wait until the results are in and take credit for my brilliance, or if the results are not as desired, complain about external forces (referees, weather, whatever).


The reds should clearly beat the Palace; however, it’s not as clear cut as it would seem.  Since the game that changed the course of history in 2014 Crystal Palace have not exactly been a Liverpool walk-over it should be a close game that will end 1-2.

That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if their goalkeeper put them in one two many preKarius positions (great pun.  Credit to LJ) and the attack had to compensate for the goals that Pardew’s men put in.  A 2-4 result seems reasonable.

Man United will hold Burnley to nil and given their total domination in terms of possession and shots on goal they should easily bang in two and then tighten up the defense.  The only way this doesn’t happen is if they go down to 10 men or somehow meet a goalkeeper in stunning form.

Middlesbrough have been poor and Bournemouth have been better than expected.  Could go many ways this game – 1-2 to Bournemouth or more likely 2-0 to Middlesbrough.

Sunderland have no chance on paper and no chance with a manager who is slowly tearing apart whatever legacy he has remaining.   Moyes was great at Everton and better than Mourinho over the same period at Manchester United but now he’s struggling at the bottom of the table.  Sunderland has shown signs of getting better and Arsenal have shown signs of slowing so this should be a close encounter and be tight for a large portion of the game but I have this inkling that a goal against Sunderland will reveal a fragile psyche that will collapse and allow the game to be broken open by a resurgent Arsenal taking advantage of Giroud’s return.

A few weeks ago I joked that Conte would be fired.  A turnaround was inevitable and the redwoods that are Forsters legs will not be able to keep the goals out.

The Spuds and Leicester chased each other down to the wire last year with, as everyone knows, the Foxes coming out on top.  At home, unbeaten, Spurs will look to maintain that unbeaten record while furthering their run to mediocrity (in other words, this has to be a draw).

Watford should be able to put 3 or 4 past a Hull City team that appears to be building a ball collection in their net.   Of course, what they should be able often is not what they actually do.  Ighalo is playing ok but not scoring, Deeney is playing well but not scoring, Capoue’s is playing well and scoring, and everyone else is playing.  The Mighty Mighty Moose will probably sneak a win-nil win via an own goal or something equally unspectacular.


Here are the weekly results.

CONGRATULATIONS to KMFE for yet another weekly win.

WELL DONE to LJ and ME who tied for LAST !

Well done me for finally not being last (though that wasn’t hard this week).



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