Round 09 2017/18 – Picks and Results in One

The Friday game caused some consternation this week but everyone got picks in.  I think they were all  made in time or with a degree of honesty but I don’t know what time this server runs on to know whether anyone cheated and picked a 3-0 result for the West Ham vs Brighton game after kick-off.

The Inspired Choices

As usual there are the standard across the board picks – everyone picked Manchester City and everyone picked Manchester United – and everyone was successful half the time.
As usual there were a few swing games that created separation in the leaderboard including Spuds playing against the 0-4-3 formation Liverpool and the Swans being eaten by the Foxes.

Winners and LJ

AB was this weeks winner with an exact (including the 3-0 Brighton score-line) a jump from last-to-first.  It tightened up after that and ended with LS and LJ being last.  I don’t want to say that LJ is not doing well but the aggregate scores show he is not doing well so I don’t have to! I haven’t really paid attention to the top of the table but I’m sure it’s no accident.

Overall Aggregate Leaders

The table below shows the table as it would be if our picks were all averaged into actual results.  I think this provides and interesting summary of where we hit and where we miss.  Use it as input into your picking strategy.

Mediocre aka Average Table

Here is another view that shows how your picks match to the actual table.  The number is how many places you are off the actual position.  So, for example, JCE (yours truly) has Watford 5 places lower in 11th and Southampton 3 places higher in 7th.  Not sure if I should change the signs and colors to make it more obvious or not.

How Bad Are We

Chelsea vs Watford
Watford will take the game to Chelsea and give them a run for their money.  They will hold it close and maybe have the lead as late as the last third of the game but they will likely end up just short.

Everton vs Arsenal
Everton have started the season poorly and need a good start to kick-start their season.  They will probably take a lead but the superiority of the London team will come through and they will win by 3 or 4 goals.

Huddersfield Town vs Manchester United
Trafford have not been dominant and Huddersfield are a solid defensive unit.  It will probably be tough for Man U to break through and score and I expect Huddersfield may sneak a win.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a make-shift defense gifts a goal to the home team.

Manchester City vs Burnley
Regular lack of suspense win for the Citeh

Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace
The eagles are struggling and Zaha being back won’t fix that.  Expect a NE win.

Southampton vs West Bromwich Albion
Tight game but the advantage goes to the home team.

Stoke City vs Bournemouth
I think this is the point where we start questioning whether Mr Hughes should be managing after Bournemouth pickup an important win.

Swansea City vs Leicester City
Swansea will struggle against Leicester in a low scoring affair.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool
A lot of people think this could be close.  Those people haven’t seen Lovren play.  Easy win for spuds-u-like.

West Ham United Brighton & Hove Albion
We all know this was 0-3

It is easier to predict games on Tuesday!

This week’s Entry

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