Round 07 2017/18 – Picks “Crystal Palace as Arturo Gatti”

Three late picks this week but hopefully they will get them in before the games start.
I need to buy JE a new alarm clock to remind him to get his picks in.

Time I got my Picks In



Arsenal V Brighton & Hove Albion
Santi Cazorla is apparently scheduled to come back after Christmas which seems remarkable after the nightmare he’s been through trying to get in shape.  He is a living example of what 8 surgeries does to your muscle definition.  It’s a shame because he was such a skillful and creative player… a bit like Ozil (who looks a lot like Enzo Ferrari) if he bothered to actually show up and try.

Mesut Ferrari

The announcement ties in nicely to an comment received with the picks this week:

“German satirical film “Er ist wieder da” (Look Who’s Back) draws some similarities with current leader of USA — yet offers a far more articulate main character”

I’m not going to get all political here but the movie seems quite strange!

Back to the Arsene’n’all… even with Ozil’s running around a lot while not doing much the other 10 should have enough to keep Brighton quiet.

Bournemouth V Leicester City

Leicester have been seemingly decent and have suffered from a horrendous opening schedule but they only have four (4) points so it could well be that I’m once again overrating them as I did most of last year.  The Cherries have been equally dire and have slipped up frequently at the back.  A draw seems to be a fair result with Vardy running his tail off.  Leicester will take an early lead and Bournemouth will score late and everything in between will be a turgid affair… a bit like a dirt sandwich*

This Game, a.k.a. Dirt Sandwich [Book available at Amazon]
*Dirt sandwich is a euphemism for sh*t sandwich but my BE prefers euphemisms and nicer language.

Chelsea V Manchester City

Chelski and Manchester Pretty (see comment above) both won in Europe against Champions League foes in Europe.  Unfortunately, Aguero lost against a lamp-post in Europe.  Everyone seems to be expecting a high-scoring game so I just followed like a sheep.  I don’t think Chelsea are all that solid in the back.  Well they are decent at the back except for the England International.

Everton V Burnley

Soon Everton will have to play better.  Being bottom of a Europe League group says nothing positive about your team but they’re playing Burnley at home.  Koeman will force the defence to play better.

Huddersfield Town V Tottenham Hotspur

The Terriers will dig and try an get a result.  A result would be 0-0.  I don’t think they will keep Harry Kane from scoring.. and if they do… they’ll not stop Dele Alli from scoring… and if they do they’ll not stop Ericson….and if they do then maybe Lloris comes up for a corner to score or something.  Anyway, Huddersfield 0 Spuds More.

Manchester United V Crystal Palace

ME noted: “I have Crystal Palace to score their first goal this week…but they will still get thumped.”
That made me think of the poor Arturo Gatti facing Mayweather when Mayweather was Mayweather and Mayweather wasn’t Money.  Gatti would wander forward getting the odd jab in but would get thumped in return.  Watching the video you realize how good Floyd used to be – I don’t think you’d find a video of Palace showing how good they used to be.  I think the boys from near Manchester will end up winning.  I do think they’re not as good as people want them to be.

Newcastle United V Liverpool

As expected, after three consecutive wins the Tyneside fans thought they had a chance at Europe and started living in dreamland.  They’ll soon be shaken back to reality when they realize that they have to work hard just to stay up. Comfortable away win.

Stoke City V Southampton

Stoke are a sometimes spoiler team.  Southampton are sometimes a spoiler team. Two spoilers spoil the game.

West Bromwich Albion V Watford

The Hornets played WBA well both games last year and should have picked up six points.  This year Watford are three away wins in a row so clearly destined for Europe rather than fighting at the bottom of the table. Let’s make it four (4).

West Ham United V Swansea City

Time for West Ham to win.


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