Round 06 2017/18 – “”Hopefully no fairy story for Gareth Barry …..”

This feels a little like the past … the clock is ticking … and we are waiting for one lone party to pick

JE Time

[Edit: JE finally picked early Saturday!].

Everyone’s Picks Are In

So about a week ago I got a lovely e-mail from the people at the Premier League.

The Results Brilliant Football Mind

I didn’t even realize that there were prizes and as such I thought this might be spam so I logged in to my account and checked. This is what I saw:

Six Points short of the highest score of the week! If only I had played my triple points card!

So I ranked 14, that sounds pretty good!  I wonder out of how many that is ….

100 points short! If only I had a Completely Different Team

Turns out that the week before I was ranked about 4, 336,219 places lower!  Not random at all.

Well on to the picks for the week.  It was a terrible week last week predicting and that was with the advantage of knowing the result from Friday!

Arsenal V West Bromwich Albion

Today’s guest comment “Hopefully no fairy story for Gareth Barry …..”.  Chased by Arsenal a few years back Gazza is about to set a Premier League record for appearances overtaking another guy that you may have heard of.  I predict Danny Welbeck  is hurt and Ozil will be lazy.. but Arsenal will still win this one.

Barry – 632 Games and Counting
Ryan – Could Only Manage 632 Games

Brighton & Hove Albion V Newcastle United

Hughton will have set his stall out to gain points against the bottom tier teams (I know Newcastle fans *think* they’re a big team but they’re not).  Newcastle have won a few on the bonk but all runs come to an end and a tie seems inevitable.

Burnley V Huddersfield Town

Last year Burnley won everything at home and lost everything away.  This year it’s going to take a few games to figure out who they are.  Huddersfield are a low scoring and will sit for a draw.  I expect this to be 0-0 but might predict 1-1 because I want to see a couple of goals (and choices affect outcomes).

Everton V Bournemouth

Everton are a bit all over the place.  Bournemouth have been rubbish.  All over the place trumps rubbish.

Leicester City V Liverpool

Vardy is back and always scores 2 against Liverpool.  Liverpool don’t defend so add another to that 2.  Probably enough to hold off a scouse team that tries to outscore the opposition.

Manchester City V Crystal Palace

Everyone is expecting a lot of goals which is hardly surprising when the teams have combined for 11 in their last 2 games.  The route is on!

Southampton V Manchester United

I’m still not sold on Manchester United.  Expect it to be tight again with team from near Manchester getting a late goal to seal a wholly undeserved victory.

Stoke City V Chelsea

I always seem to think Stoke are worse than they are.  I also got into a habit of thinking Chelsea were worse than they are. I’m left with no choice but to pick the least worst team.

Swansea City V Watford

Hard game to pick and when that happens you go with the Bingo call.

Watford to get a Point Away? Quackers!

West Ham United V Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs will win.  Bilic will be fired.


Next week I’ll post a puzzle update – ooooh, how exciting!

2 Replies to “Round 06 2017/18 – “”Hopefully no fairy story for Gareth Barry …..””

  1. Re names – I thought it could be Arsene’n’all while he’s still manager. ME thought that “the goners” would be more suitable. ME thought that KMFE might prefer Manchester Pretty, so much nicer don’t you know! And it suits their current way of playing.

  2. Talk to JE. This week I’ve reverted to the normal team names because some people didn’t know that “Yorkie T” was Huddersfield… forget that Jamaicans might not be hip to geography of teams and their associated dog nicknames.

    But yes…KMFE would prefer something nicer but it’s all done to keep JE happy. You know how he is.

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