Round 06 2016/2017 – Premier League Results and Standings

Last week I posted the following:

This week we have a new guest player – a Mr Livi who is part of the genesis of this site and the reason that this blog is somewhat Liverpool leaning. He is convinced he will get 50% of his picks perfect which means he’s a sure-fire winner.  That is, however, why they play the games.

While not getting 50% perfect scores he did do really well and beat me badly.  If he had picked with his head and not his heart he would have done better – I’m sure he picked a Hornets draw to stop me being upset.

Here are all the standings – congratulations JE for making my life bearable by beating Livi!


Here are the rest of the interesting charts including the overall standings for those who have played every week – including the Supercomputers and not including the Supercomputers (I think SC3 is cheating and copying SC2).






_04_04_player_tables_be _04_05_player_tables_me _04_06_player_tables_je _05_01_cross_table-scores_actual


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