Round 02 2017/2018 – Premier League Results

A few form mishaps here and there on the forms but they should work much better this week*.

Week 3 Entry forms:
Current Entry
Current Entry (JE Styley)

The final predictions as they were at kick-off.

Final Guesses

And here are the results.

Final Results

First Things First (or Last)

If you’re looking to beat the current champion, JE, then you will be happy to find out that he’s human after all.  After winning last week he dropped down the rankings and finished dead last – this position is also known as “tied-with-BE”.

Game within a Game

Mr AM joined this week with the sole purpose (I believe) of beating ME and he succeeded with an impressive tied for first place.  Using rules that I make up on the fly I would say that I beat him via the “Alt”ernative point system; however, if I were to do that I would start hearing and argument on AB on how he finished out of the top spot despite having the highest score!

Winning is Everything

Bournemouth V Watford
I hate the dreaded six-pointer designation to matches because they’re always applied over Christmas or during the run-in when the same points are available early on.   While this isn’t a six-pointer it is 3 points Watford added and 3 points Bournemouth didn’t.  A home loss this early doesn’t bode well for the season but an away win means that Watford will secure safety before we collapse and fire our manager.

Burnley V West Bromwich Albion

Not sure how West Brom do it… but they aren’t boing boing’ing between divisions.  Burnley amassed all their points at home last year and struggled away – will this year be different.  Guess it already is.

Huddersfield Town V Newcastle United
Always going to be tight but Newcastle are a team that will continue to believe they are bigger than they are.

Leicester City V Brighton & Hove Albion
Memo for Chris Hughton: nice guys finish last or get fired.
Leicester are not going to be Champions but are in no danger of going down with their current team.

Liverpool V Crystal Palace
It seems that Liverpool value Coutinho in the region of 1 Billion.   That would provide adequate cash to buy Lovren a one way ticket out of town.

Manchester City V Everton
I get the feeling sometimes that Pep is a kid with toy many toys….  I think he’s trying to run his train on a scalextric track.   (This analogy may not work for young people or non-European….. replace it with throwing pool balls at a dart board…. or using a toy in a manner it is not equipped for).
Rooney’s proving he’s past it.

Southampton V West Ham United
West Ham are going to lose a good manager pretty soon.

Stoke City V Arsenal
Arsenal appear to be trying to emulate Arsenal.

Swansea City V Manchester United
Another 4-0.  Another week anointing them Champions.  *Yawn*

Tottenham Hotspur V Chelsea
Wembley is not a home game.  It’s a game at a non-filled stadium on a pitch famous for producing poor performances (go England!)  Spurs will continue to struggle this year with tiredness – playing a press on a giant field is hard….


*Unless you use a phone to live your life.  Find a real PC or send them to me via email.  I plan to move from a table to CSS to remove this impediment soon.

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