Round 01 2017/2018 – Premier League Results

Surprisingly, the results are following a trend pattern similar to the end of last year:  I’m getting more picks correct in terms of results but again failing to capitalize on the exact score bonus points leaving me mid-table, JE setting the pace, and BE continuing the slide backwards.

LJ who professes that those who know the most about football are destined to fail due to their propensity to over-think and over-analyze is once again proving that rule.

New players LS and AB put in a respectable showing and all in all it was a decent opening week with no standout poor and no standout great tallies.

So congrats to JE for a solid round and me for winning a category I just made up (most correct results).

Week 1 Results

A quick summary of some key events:

Chelsea had a disaster start losing two men and the game… I’m surprised they didn’t lose their keys.  For once, Diego Costa was not the talking point.

F-U I won’t do what you tell me….but not to blame

Newcastle had a losing start when their game featured Jonjo Shelvey return to his very best form and added to his philatelic collection.

Watford snatched a draw from the jaws of defeat with a goal that was onside in the dying seconds.  It was onside because it wasn’t offside.  When I say it wasn’t offside I mean it wasn’t called offside.

Manchester United were crowned Champions by the TV punditry and Lukaku and Matic co-players of the year.  This despite the fact that they beat a terrible West Ham team at home and two meaningless goals at the end don’t make a 4-0 result dominating.

Rooney went back to the team he supported as a young boy and scored.


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