Round 01 2017/2018 – Premier League Picks

It’s Round 1 and most of the picks are in…as usual we have JE being casually late and operating on his own Fergie/Mourinho time.   Or, Silva time.

Time I Joined A Proper Club

We have a few new people join this time round to see if they can match up to the current champion and Beebster’s biggest fan,  my brother, JE.

*I may go into more detail on who is who later but I will point out three supercomputer algorithms that are playing (SC1,SC2, SC3).  The winner last year was a supercomputer!  The algorithms are proprietary and have not yet yielded financial returns (it’s illegal to wire money for betting purposes in the USA).

The opening few weeks will be a case of calibrating team expectations.  Will West Ham finally adjust to playing in a giant cavern?   How will the Spuds do playing all there games away from home at the large Wembley.  They will no doubt miss the intimate White Hart Lane and suffer from the less than intimate size of the new field (tiring on the old legs).   From the second smallest to largest field in a year is going to have an impact – not to mention their 1-4 record there last year.

The bigger problem is just keeping track of transfers and what those transfers mean.   The big names are obvious – Lukaku will be expected to deliver 25 goals (and fail), Cleverly will be expected to deliver mediocre performances (and succeed).  More than that there is the stupidity of the open transfer window – will Coutinho actually leave.

Watford bought a Burnley substitute for18m GBP which took spending to over $1 B GBP (yes, that is a B).   Let’s put that in perspective.


If you look at it from the point of view of fans:

Everyone else has Loadsamoney

All the picks so far:

Lots of Guesses

Arsenal V Leicester City

Going to be a good start to the league, lots of goals,lots of excitement.  This prediction lark is a lot easier after the fact.

Brighton & Hove Albion V Manchester City

Soufyan Ahannach has come in and make a huge difference for the Seagulls and they are looking to shatter their transfer record with a 13.5 million signing which is about the amount Yaya wants Citeh to spend on his agent’s birthday cake.   It’s not really fair is it.

Chelsea V Burnley

Most people see Chelsea walking this game but Burnley will not, I repeat, will not be as horrible away from home as they were last year.  Conte didn’t get the star power additions he wanted and Hazard is hard.  This is a tougher position than they faced all of last year.. just putting in a back 3 and playing from the front was easy.  They’ll still win.

Crystal Palace V Huddersfield Town

Palace from the Sowf at home against the newly promoted team from the the North.  I think Palace will surprise a little this year.  They didn’t get relegated with Big Sam so imagine how well they will do with a right proper boss who’s going to introduce “total” football.

Everton V Stoke City

My pick for first manager to go not called Silva is Mr Hughes.  The first game will make that one step closer to happening.   I think Rooney will be a good player in the slot for Everton.

Manchester United V West Ham United

With Lukaku, Mourinho will be hoping last year’s 0-0 games will be this year’s 1-0 games.   That’s about how ambitious the new Man Utd truly is…

1-0 !

Newcastle United V Tottenham Hotspur

Another week before we get to see Spuds at Wemberley.   Already, this is a must win game for the Le Coq on a beachball team.

Southampton V Swansea City

Two teams that no one really cares about.  Moving on.

Watford V Liverpool

The game of the Year.  Klopp for the Chop (he’s my dark horse pick for managers to get the Emre Can) vs Silva.  I’d like to say the meese have a chance and they do.   Liverpool should be focusing on the Hoff in next week’s Champions League playoff.

Don’t Hassell the Hoff

West Bromwich Albion V Bournemouth

I have Josh King and Junior Stanislas on my fantasy team so I must like the Cherries;however, I just have a hard time betting against the Old Man Tony Pullis at home.


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