Results 23rd-25th of August

Here were the final picks:


It wasn’t a great week with some of the results being fairly unpredictable. As bad as Man U are, a home against at Crystal Palace should have yielded a win. As bad as Newcastle are, an away game at Spurs should have yielded a loss. Even Wolves being upset at home by Burnley was a minor update.

Looks like LJ got lucky with the exact – 8 incorrect picks is pretty remarkable!

Suicide Picks

It’s week THREE and already the suicide picks are over with the three remaining people remarkably failing to get a correct win! So Week 4 will begin with everyone back in the game. Shocking!

5 Replies to “Results 23rd-25th of August”

  1. I’ll consider this a moral victory (could be my only ‘win’ of the season!) – as my pick drew their match 🙂

    1. If we all get knocked out after 3 rounds there’ll be another good few chances to win. Man U fans better get used to moral victories… 🙂

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