Premier League 2019-2020

It’s a go. The season is off… on a Friday when some of us are working.

I am not putting the predictions yet because I don’t have them all in.
I am not putting the suicide picks yet because I don’t have them all in.

I will try an update the site with all the picks as soon as I can. I will probably create a permanent standings page that I will update week over week so that you never have to say you don’t know whether you’re losing to ME or not.

Preseason Summary

I’ve not been following things too closely over the summer in terms of transfers and pre-season so I really have no idea what’s going on. But here’s a summary of what I do know.

Sane was leaving for Bayern because he wasn’t going to play at Citeh. Now he played at Citeh and he’s staying…… for an MRI.

Coutinho was leaving for Arsenal because he wasn’t going to play at Barcelona. Now he’s staying because he’s overrated.

Gareth Bale was going to China – or even Manchester United – because he wasn’t going to play at Madrid. Now he’s staying because no one wants to play at Manchester United.

The Great Zidane Will Make someone buy Bale!

Deulofeu was going to leave Watford because he’s too good. Now he’s staying because he’s just good enough.

Manchester United wanted an upgrade in midfield and attack and threatened to buy everyone and did not buy anyone. They also wanted to upgrade their defense which was considered slow and ponderous at times some they signed Harold Maguire, a slow and ponderous defender.

Meanwhile Lukaku was seen back in training….

Lukaku – Preseason Fitness Looks Good

Aston Villa saw what success Fulham had last year and followed the same formula and have spent a few hundred million and retained Grealish as their best player. Meanwhile all the new players hide their wives when they learn John Terry is the assistant manager.

That’s enough for now… Good luck everyone..

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    1. Well, there will be one less Lukaku to deal with, I suppose… Arrivederci, mio elefante — e ciao ai nerazzurri… Italy suits him — he’ll not have to run more than about 5 yards a game, I reckon… #catenaccio #addormentata

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