Opening Post 2018-2019

Today was the Community Shield which I didn’t watch because it’s not on the regular television.  I did spend some time looking for “Charity Shield” and I couldn’t find anything.  When did they rename it? They renamed it in 2002!

I’ve been calling this trophy the wrong thing for as long as it takes to get a baby to the age of consent (in England). Wow. At least I don’t call the Coca-Cola Cup the Milk Cup anymore. (That’s a joke).

So looking at a 2-0 scoreline in favor of Man City I think I can say that they have made a good start with Aguero getting one of those victories he can’t see to get many of when paired with Messi.   I’m presuming that Kevin was great, Sterling missed a few, Pep was pleased with the first step of the process and that Chelsea weren’t bad just because Conte was the manager.

So where are we.

Optional Task 1

Download this spreadsheet and enter your picks for the season.  I will be able to compare your actual vs pre-season.  I’ve done this for a couple of seasons now and it’s no surprise that your pre-season self loses quite handily to your actual self but it’s fun to see where you were.  I will create your Premier League table and make some comments.

Excel 2018-19 Schedule

Complete it and email it to me at jce @ In off the jumper . com


Enter your picks for Week 1 and 2.  I’m going to see if I can make automation improvements but for now it’s the same basic system as before: pick your initials, set some scores and add an interesting comment.

Week August 10 2018

Week August 18 2018

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