New Game – Suicide Picks

It’s a game within a game! Each week you get to pick which team you think is a surefire win. If your team wins, you survive. If your team loses, you die.

He Picked the Wrong Team!

If you survive you get to pick again to compete with all the other living plays. The dead players? They don’t get to play because they’re dead.

Because I know everyone will pick Citeh or Liverpool every week (or Spuds if you’re ME and Man U if you’re AM or an idiot) the rule is such that you CANNOT pick the same team twice.

The winner is the last person standing. Each instance could be as short as 1 week (everyone is wrong) or as long as a half-season if you get 20 correct picks in a row.

I will restart each time we announce a winner! Let’s see how it goes.

So please make your first week’s pick!

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