Midweek Feb 10 and 11

Have you ever written something when you’re so tired your eyes close and your brain shuts off and you type random words and phrases ?  That’s tonight.. so I apologize in advance for any featured elephants or random dream words.

Arsenal suffered a disappointing result at White Hart Lane – after taking a one goal lead it was probably expected that their recent defensive improvement would hold but it was no match for Harry Kane who scored two goals after hearing that I suggested he might be overrated.   Meanwhile Leicester’s weekend consisted of a manager that seemingly could have murdered a Palace player on the pitch that was subsequently fired by report before being given a vote of confidence and not fired before being relieved of his duties in a meeting that resulted in him being at training on Monday.

Hard to see Arsenal losing this one at home.

Do You Need the Heimlich?

Sunderland have the advantage of a manager over QPR and that should be enough to power them home with a solid 1-0 victory.

Hull upset Manchester City at the Etihad over the weekend taking a 1-0 lead and managing to hold on to a 1-1 result when James Milner came through with a tremendous free kick (if it has been Messi it would have been goal of the week).  Hard to see a team that can draw with Manchester City not coming away with point at Aston Villa.  If they fail to score it will be 1 point… any more than that and tally up 3 points that has them jump the Villains who are now in the relegation dogfight completely.

Liverpool coming off a disappointing derby game lacking fight, spirit or attacking flair (though .  Spurs coming of a derby win.    When looking at the table this is really a game Liverpool should be fighting to win to make themselves relevant for Champions league discussion.   Spurs would probably take a tough away point.   The urgency should give the reds a win.

10-Feb 2015  
Arsenal2-0Leicester City
Sunderland1-0Queens Park Rangers
Hull City2-0Aston Villa
Liverpool2-1Tottenham Hotspur

Stoke are a tough nut to crack and Manchester city are probably in a must-win game (give me a cliche – pundit award).   Likely to be a touch slog but I see this ending in a solid 1-0 title implications win.

Everton set their stall out to draw in the last game and will probably not change too much.  Meanwhile Chelsea will park the bus and not do very much.    Ross Barkley came on as substitute and made a few things happen so maybe this week he’ll get the start.

Southampton are legitimate, but so apparently, are West Ham who made Man U fight hard for a 1-1 draw over the weekend.   Southampton has skill flair and plays wide and with space.  West Ham will keep it narrow and disciplined.

Manchester United will score and win at home.  I would say Falcao to score but he’s been lackluster so I will say the difference maker is Mr Rooney.

After predicting many 2-2 performances for West Brom I did some analysis that shows that they are are terrible at scoring.  We’re talking Aston Villas scoring bad.  So I pick a different score and yes, it’s 2-2.  This week will be draw but of the 1-1 kind.

Crystal Palace have the advantage of a manager over Newcastle.  Arguably.  Though they will win at home. 1-0


11-Feb 2015  
Stoke City0-1Manchester City
Chelsea 0-0Everton
Southampton1-0West Ham United
Manchester United2-0Burnley
West Bromwich Albion1-1Swansea City
Crystal Palace1-0Newcastle United



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