Midseason 2019 – SC3

This post is part of a series (see menu bar on the right). I’ve individualized the half-season results for everyone with the same charts and images to make it easier to see how you are doing.

Your Table
This is how the table looks based solely on your predictions and as if every game had been perfectly guessed.

Predicted Table

Pick Grid
This shows all the picks you’ve made this year in home and away format, the results of those picks (exact, difference, or miserable failure), and finally a table that shows how you have done overall by team. You can use this to adjust your projections moving forward (and assuming current form continues through the second half for all teams).

Half a Season of Guesses

Head to Head

This is how you are doing against all the other players. In the cases where the number of games is less than the total played it is because I’ve kindly only included weeks where both parties participated.

Predicted Week Over Week
This is how you picked each week.

Weekly Moving and Shaking

Hope this summary was useful, interesting… or something.

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