Matchday 37 – Going into the Final Week

Here were the picks for the middle of the week:

I wasn’t sure it could happen but this was one topsy-turvy week and somehow AM finds himself top of the weekly charts? Can he move up from the basement?

With but 10 more matches to go the points table has been rejigged as I went through and looked for corrections. Some matches were picked multiple times (when they were postponed and replayed) so I made sure it only tabulated the latest entries and this is what we have going into the last week.

Will the SuperComputer win again?!? Next year, I’m going to just copy the Super Computer’s score!

Can JE hold off JCE? Six points seems insurmountable…

Can AA jump back over AM or has he escaped the bottom spot? Four points seems eminently doable.

The last week should be highly unpredictable with the only the final European spots up for grabs so Good Luck everyone!

I could check but I do think this is the lowest points tally we’ve had going into the final week ever. I think 10 points a week is a pretty average benchmark that just really shows how bizarre this crowd-less season has been

The Final 8 Weeks

Finally – there is a separate competition that was set up for the final 8 weeks when it became clear that AM was never going to catch ME. Well…..

Is 7 points too much?

It is clear that JE has deserved his spot at the top of the table – the most consistent picker but has also started picking the odd exact.

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